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By Madeline Marshall

A year ago, the idea of even stepping into an Abercrombie store gave me weird flashbacks to middle school. When I would think of Abercrombie, I thought of overpriced graphic tees, flannels, polos and skinny jeans with the little moose in the corner. It always seemed to be the same every season, and the brand had a reputation of snobby 7th graders.

However, I was recently strolling in the mall before heading back to campus and could not help but notice a new look to Abercrombie.  To start, the store was very bright, opposite to the dungeon vibes that it was known for. The clothes displayed were like nothing I has ever seen from the brand before. I decided to stroll in and was pleasantly surprised.

The brand seems to have significantly matured in the past season. They have pieces that are dressier now, some you could even wear out, as well as some that are more fashion-forward. They have removed the little moose out of the majority of their clothes, so now you are not instantly branded when you sport the line. They still have a wide variety of jeans which are a cult favorite to many, and you can still pick up a comfy A&F graphic tee. These new updates have just expanded the brand to reach a larger audience.

Here are some of Abercrombie’s new arrivals that caught my eye:

Madeline Marshall

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