7 Outfits from Coachella You Can Wear Yourself

Coachella is known for its trendy outfits. And this year it delivered. As I was reading my celebrity gossip and seeing their outfits, I thought to myself, "I could definitely find something like this on Forever 21." So, I found some cute, trendy outfits that you might have in your closet.

Outfit 1

Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid twinning… what could be better? Their flared denim and cropped tan tops is a perfect look that you can recreate for a darty. Can we also talk about how adorable it is that they’re holding hands?


Outfit 2

Omg… it’s Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell and she’s killing the game. Her model pose is gorg. But, her silver accents with her black cropped t-shirt and black belt makes her outfit edgy. Also, where can we find shorts that are perfectly ripped like that?


Option 3

Lauren Bushnell is working the Rolling Stones Free People t-shirt. This look is not your average Coachella look, but it works. The booties and the skirt could definitely be worn to a nicer event with a simple white tee. Each item in her outfit is perfect and versatile.


Option 4

This jumpsuit is WOW. Plaid is making a bold comeback. It’s no longer on Bermuda shorts… it’s on jumpsuits. The bright orange is a perfect festival/warm weather vibe outfit. The pop of the white shoes really brings out the plaid pattern which compliments her orange sunnies.


Option 5

Is she going to the gym orrrrrrr??? Regardless, it looks like a chic, comfy outfit to be walking around Coachella. Her high socks and old tennis shoes bring me back to the 80s. I love the bright yellow in her shorts and honestly, I would wear those to class. You also can’t go wrong with a tube top. And, can we talk about how she’s pulling off the bandana? Are they coming back?


Option 6

This look is EDGY, but tame. There’s very little patterns and bold colors. The lace up top is interesting combination with the leather jacket, but it works well together. The colors in the shorts makes the color of the top subtly blend into her outfit. Her nonchalant walk is the strut I aim to look like when I go to class. But, I don’t pull it off as well as her.


Outfit 7

This look has a mix of girly and edgy aspects. The blue and white striped cropped top that ties screams girly. But, her white skirt with the ties on the front right leg screams edgy. Her middle part hair with beach waves gives it a relaxed look. The gems in her hair also gives the festival vibe. I am hear for it and would like to invest in some hair gems after seeing this look.