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5 Reasons Why We’re Happy to Be Back in Oxford

Summer break has officially come to a close, but with the end of pool days, tan lines, and beach vacations comes the beginning of something even better. It’s officially September, and that means we’re back in Oxford. Here are several reasons why coming back to school isn’t so bad when we’re in our beloved “Ox Box.”

  1. Reuniting With Your Friends
  • In college, your friends become your family; you’re constantly surrounded by them. How did you guys just spend three months apart?!

2) A Fresh Start

  • It’s a new school year, the perfect time to start developing good study habits, learn new things, and just start fresh from last semester.


  • Weekends in Oxford are unlike anything else. Beat the Clock, darties, and fun nights out are a perfect way to let loose after a long first week of classes.

4) New Classes, New Professors, New People… New Opportunities!

  • The beginning of fall semester is perfect for joining new clubs, meeting new people, and trying new things. Reach out to someone new in  class, try something you wouldn’t usually do; search for new opportunities to make your college years worthwhile!

5) Miami’s Beautiful Campus (duh)

  • Is it even Miami without red brick buildings and crisp autumn leaves? There’s nothing better than fall in Oxford. So, take everything in and get ready for another amazing year in one of the best places on earth!


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