5 Places to Study on Campus (That Aren't King)

  1. Pulley’s Diner

Any time before the midnight rush of starving students on weekends and some weekdays, Pulley’s is actually a pretty quiet place. The environment may not be your stereotypical studying place, but studies show that changing up your studying location improves student’s ability to recall information. Not to mention, you can grab some chicken tenders and fries as you are reviewing for that exam.

2. 1st Floor West Wing of Farmer

Do you need dead silence to get any work done? Then the Farmer study room is for you. The only sounds you hear are typing, writing, and an occasional tear drop during finals week. The room provides a scholarly aesthetic and the chairs have a nice cushion. Also, the room is open late and outlets are provided at each table. 

  1. 2nd Floor of Benton

This area provides a nice overlooking view of two areas; the back of Benton facing the baseball field, and then the front that displays the traffic of high street and Laws Hall. This location consistently has low volume in between class periods, but it does receive normal foot traffic between classes. There are tables, and my fav, chairs with a side table and cup holder for you to do work in.

  1. Center of Bachelor (in Spring)

Bachelor Hall, the math building, is shaped like a large rectangle with an opening in the middle. In the middle area, there are planters with trees and plants growing out of them and seating surrounding it. This is potentially the area with the most Feng Shui (in spring), and is definitely the spot for a nice read.

  1. 2nd Floor of Psych

This area is similar to Benton in that you can look out the large glass windows. The view from this building is perpendicular to Benton, and stares towards Swing Hall and Talawanda Road. There is a medium volume in this area, so headphones are a good idea. A plus about this location is that Garden Dining Commons, Garden market, and Dividends are right next door, so after a good study sesh you can easily grab a quick bite to eat.