The 4 Best Rain-Friendly & Fashionable Pieces For Your Closet

This time of year when its getting chillier, windier and rainier, its easy to give in to the leggings, rain jacket and rain boots outfit that is prevalent all over college campuses. However, we all have days when were in the mood to dress up a bit, especially if we have a presentation in class or fun plans after, and the weather shouldnt hamper your style!

Heres 4 staple pieces that work with your class schedule, social calendar and the weather app on your phone.

1. Anorak CoatHalf nautical, half menswear and 100 percent wearable, anorak coats like this with hoods in fall colors are a stylish alternative to the monogrammed rain pullover. Look for one featuring waxed cotton or nylon fabric, so it repels water, keeps you extra dry and shields you from wind while walking to class. A lot of variety exists in these coats, so hunt for one until you find the hardware, jacket length and pocket placement that you love! J. Crew, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Nordstrom, boutiques and more outdoorsy stores like Eddie Bauer have great options.

2. Bubble UmbrellaWe’re not sure what it is about these umbrellas that makes them so darn cute, but the rounded shape, simple clear top and pop of color lends both a modern and vintage touch to any rainy-day outfit. A perk of this particular design is that they dont blow around in the wind as much as normal umbrellas. Some of our favorites are made by Hunter and Urban Outfitters, or at Target!

3. Weather Friendly BagsHow many times have you carried a brand new leather or suede bag only to be worried sick about it getting wet and watermarking? Avoid this altogether by picking a good, sturdy bag made of nylon or coated canvas and applying a waterproofing spray to any leather trim. Bags that have zip-top closures ensure that your laptop doesnt get wet on your way to class. Almost every designer makes bags in this style and fabric, so its easy to find an option in your favorite brand. Longchamp carries classic waterproof styles, but tend to be a little expensive. H&M usually has them for a great price in a variety of tote styles!

4. Rain BootsI know I cant be the only girl who wants a pair of rain boots in every color under the sun, and nothing seems to make a bad weather day better than trying to re-create your favorite rain boot centered outfit from your Pinterest board. Hunter, LL Bean, Burberry, Joules, Target, Michael Kors, or whatever you prefer, you can find adorable options at nearly any price and and at any store.Try them with accessories like patterned tights, fleece welly socks or knee highs if youre planning on wearing them with dresses or skirts, especially if its chilly outside!