3-Day Bingeable TV Shows on Netflix

So the weekend has approached and you got that Friday feeling. Freedom. After a week full of papers and exams, you can finally let loose. Some of you may go Uptown. Great restaurants. Great nightlife. Maybe a party or two. Some of you may have a girl’s night with classic movies and nail polish. Perhaps some debatable candy choices, containing 80% high-fructose corn syrup. The only problem is that your friends have gone home or picked up a nasty bug or have already made disgustingly romantic plans with their significant other. Where does that leave you? Alone. With blooming feelings of seasonal depression and a half-eaten pint of Cherry Garcia in your mini-fridge. The only thing to do now is get browsing because Netflix is your new best friend this weekend. Turn the lights off, get a spoon, and put on some fuzzy socks. You’re staying in and you’re proud of it!


The browsing continues. Do you want to watch a movie? A comedy special? A documentary? No! You want something to watch for the entire weekend. Something that requires some commitment, but nothing extreme. You want to become emotionally attached to characters, without getting addicted to the nine-season show. For heaven’s sake, you’ll have new assignments and projects next week and you don’t have the time. All you have is this glorious weekend. You want...drum roll please... a TV show with only one season!


Here are some shows you can binge this weekend:

On My Block



Everything Sucks

The Haunting of Hill House

Life Sentence

No Tomorrow

The Innocents

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The End of the F*cking World




If you’re feeling ambitious, here are some shows with two seasons:

Big Mouth

The Carrie Diaries

Stranger Things


The Good Place

13 Reasons Why


Making a Murderer


Santa Clarita Diet

Dear White People