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21 Things to Get Your Best Friend for Her 21st Birthday

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami (OH) chapter.



The day has finally come for your bestie! It’s her 21st birthday! As a best friend, it is your job to ensure her birthday is the best one yet. Instead of just getting her one bday present this year, why not give her 21 gifts? Here is a list of the 21 things you should get your bestie for her 21st birthday!


  1. Breakfast in Bed

Making your bestie breakfast in bed will start her birthday off on the right note. Plus, she needs as much energy as she can get for the eventful day ahead of her.


2. List of the 21 Reasons Why you Love Your BFF


Come up with a heartfelt, funny list of the 21 reasons why you love your BFF. This will sure to bring your bestie tears of joy.


3. Framed Photo of You Two


Find an adorable pic of you two and put it in a frame. Your bestie can put this in her room so she can always be reminded of your great friendship.


4. Homemade Birthday Card



What’s more adorable than a homemade birthday card? A homemade card is a great way to show your BFF how much you love her. It is much more meaningful than buying a boring Hallmark card.  


5. Charm Bracelet


A charm bracelet is the perfect gift; it is sweet and sentimental. Find charms that would be meaningful to bestie. Don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune on this, a low cost bracelet works just fine.


6. Chipotle gift card


Your bestie is always begging you to go to Chipotle with her, so a gift card is the perfect present. She can even get guacamole on her burrito now.


7. Playlist of your Favorite Songs Together



Create a fun playlist of songs that remind your bestie of all the great times you’ve spent together. Include the Justin Beiber music you guys gushed to in junior high, the Britney Spears songs you two jammed out to during your countless sleepovers, or the Fetty Wap songs you guys constantly request at every frat party.


8. At Home Manicure


Nothing beats getting your nails done. Treat your bestie to an inexpensive spa day catered by you! She’ll love it, and you’ll love how it didn’t break your savings account.


9. A Pinterest Worthy Poster


Log on to Pinterest and start getting ideas for a clever poster you can make the birthday girl. Find something funny that will never let for forget the wild night you guys are about to have.


10. Personalized wine glass

Your bestie can now drink whenever she wants. A cute wine glass will allow her to do it in style.


11. Her Favorite Wine

Now that she has a cute new wine class, she’ll need something to fill it with. Buy her favorite wine! Feel free to go wild and decorate the bottle.


12. Cute 21st Birthday Tank

Your bestie is always wearing a tank to the gym or on a lazy day in the apartment. Find a cute 21st birthday tank that she can wear not only on her birthday, but also throughout the year. This will always remind her of all the fun she had on her bday!


13. Crazy 21st Birthday Cake


Normal cakes are great and all, but your bestie has had 20 years of that. It’s time to spice it up. Get her a crazy cake, one with an alcohol theme. It’ll be sure to gain some laughs and be the life of the party.


14. Princess Tiara


When you go out that night, everyone has to know it is your BFF’s birthday. Giving her a 21st birthday tiara will ensure everyone knows it’s her big day. Maybe you guys will even get free shots because it?


15. Lip Gloss


Every girl needs a lot of lip gloss. Your best friend needs to look dazzling on her birthday, so a new bottle of lip gloss can definitely help with that!


16. Water Proof Mascara


Birthdays can be an emotional time, so it never hurts to wear waterproof mascara. Hopefully only happy tears come out of your BFF!


17. Extra Hold Hair Spray



Your BFF is in for a wild night, so she can’t let flat hair mess that up. Get her some strong hair spray to ensure her hair looks fab all night!


18. Shot Glasses




The fact that your bestie can legally drink calls for a celebration. Find cute shot glasses that can help celebrate your BFF’S big day!


19. Fashionable Trashcan



Drinking a little too much can happen to the best of us, especially if it’s your birthday. Get your BFF a cute trashcan, allowing her to puke in style if she has too many drinks.


20. Hangover Kit


If the night goes as planned, your best friend might not feel too great in the morning. Make her a hangover kit so she can recover from the previous night ASAP.


21. Items for people to sign



Hopefully your best friend remembers the night of her birthday, but if not, find something creative for all your friends to sign. This will let your bestie remember all of the loving people who helped celebrate her birthday.

Hi my name is Melissa Mengos and I am a freshman writer for Her Campus at Miami University.
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