2014: The Year Of Radiant Orchid

For the past fourteen years, experts at the Pantone Color Institute have been scouring the earth in search of the most magnificent hues. They sort through thousands of shades until they find one that will best represent the coming year based on factors ranging from the economy to fashion. Pantone recently released its fashion color report during New York Fashion Week and announced the top color for women's fall fashion in 2014 as Radiant Orchid. A member of the purple family, this lavender/violet shade represents power, innovation and creativity. Pantone’s executive director, Leatrice Eiseman, predicts that Radiant Orchid will dominate this year’s fashion, beauty, and home décor scenes.

There are a number of ways for everyone to incorporate Radiant Orchid into their wardrobe. Eiseman explains that since this color has a rich, pink undertone, it will pair beautifully with red. Being a member of the purple family, Radiant Orchid will also compliment light greens and yellows. Just imagine strutting down the sidewalk on a beautiful spring day in a stunning Radiant Orchid trench coat, distressed skinny jeans, and red ballet flats: perfection. You don't have to wait until fall though to play with this color--the vibrant shade can work in the winter months too by pairing it with warm-toned neutrals.   

For the warmer months, Radiant Orchid will serve as a bold backdrop for bright summer accessories. Yellow gold will really play off the warmth in this color, so look for pieces with a gold zipper, buttons, or other embellishments. If you are more comfortable with a neutral color palette, try a Radiant Orchid scarf or clutch for a pop of color.  
This color isn’t limited to clothing; for the past few years, Sephora has been pairing with Pantone Universe to create a makeup collection in the current shade. Together, they have compiled nail polish, lip gloss, blush and other products that will compliment any variety of complexions.