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photo of corn field
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15 Things We Are (Were) Thankful For

1. McDonald’s FINALLY changed the Saturday morning game by extending their breakfast menu past 
the 10:30 AM hour. Hoist up an iced coffee for the right to order a sausage biscuit, even if it is at 12:30 in 
the afternoon with last night’s make-up still smeared all over your face.
2. Although Jake Gyllenhaal was not the first to sport the “Man Bun” he certainly made it cool. And we 
praise you for that.
3. Tina Fay and Amy Pohler giving us the world’s best early Christmas gift with their upcoming movie 
(Sisters out Dec. 18).
4. Rebel Wilson teaming up with Torrid to create an oh-so-amazing line of plus-sized clothing. Join the 
Rebelution, mate.
5. Saying “Hello” to a new Adele lyrical masterpiece.
6. High-waisted flare jeans are back. Make room in your closet for the most leg-elongating, flattering denim 
out there.
7. Kate Spade partnering up with Ked’s (Comfort + Style = WIN).
8. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher FINALLY getting married like we all have been hoping they would since 
the days of “That 70’s Show”.
9. Viola Davis’ empowering acceptance speech for her historic win at the Emmy’s.
10. Gail Standish AKA the judge who just used Taylor Swift lyrics to dismiss, rather shake off, the case 
against the singer (the one where Jessie Braham was hate, hate, hating over some song lyrics).
11. Lady Gaga speaking up on the truth of sexual abuse with her moving music video “Til It Happens To 
12. ….She also became pals with Julie Andrews after delivering a jaw-dropping tribute to “The Sound of 
Music” for it’s 50th anniversary.
13. REI telling the world that shopping for the best discount should NOT be the central focus of 
Thanksgiving. Kudos for keeping your doors closed and reminding everyone to #OptOutside.
14. Jamie Brewer becoming the first woman with Down’s Syndrome to strut her stuff at New York Fashion 
Week. She walked in a design by Carrie Hammer, and yes, she rocked it!
15. Seth Rogen threw James Franco a charity Bar Mitzvah. Miley Cyrus also showed up in a “Shalom Y’all” 
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