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10 Times Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again Was Super Relatable

Sometimes midterms or whatever you might be going through are really stressful and they can cause a lot of headaches. That is why, as an effort to de-stress myself and all of you, I have put together some funny gifs from Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again with some funny, and maybe relatable captions. 


I hope you all enjoy and I wish everyone luck with whatever unfortunate, or even fortunate, hurdles they have to jump over this week.


  1. When you make it through another week of classes


  1. When your friends are giving you relationship advice


  1. When their advice is exactly what you wanted to hear


  1. When the sadness hits but you push through it


  1. When your professor assigns more homework


  1. When you find a new show to stream


  1. How you feel showing up to class on time


  1. Noticing someone cute sitting next to you (while also being super respectful of their personal space and boundaries) 


  1. Watching all your friends get sick in the change of season and waiting for your turn


  1. When you remember that you’re an amazing human who is going to do great things

Alyson McElhinny

Miami (OH) '20

Hi! I am a senior English: Creative Writing major with an Italian minor. I'm doing my best to graduate early, because who loves to have a ton of debt? Not me.
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