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10 Things to Do If You Aren’t Going Anywhere for Spring Break

1. Spring cleaning – Get rid of books, clothes, etc. that you have not touched in the past year. Do you really need the Pretty Little Liars series or the tshirt from your high school prom?

2. Go through your email – Are you the type of person that has 5000 unread emails? Go through those and delete the unnecessary emails. A clean inbox is a clean mind.

3. Babysit – Try earning some cash! The people who went on vacation will wish they had made money instead of spending it.

4. Cook – You have a week to use a REAL oven and eat REAL home-cooked meals. Take advantage of it!

5. Binge-watch Netflix – Friends, the Office, Parks and Rec, Mad Men, House of Cards, the Crown etc.

6. Workout – You have all day. If you don’t belong to a gym, find some YouTube fitness bloggers or online workouts on Pinterest!

7. Meditate – Statistics show that if you meditate every day, you are going to have more energy and be more positive.

8. Spend time with your parents – They will 100% be willing to spend time with you. Take them out to a nice dinner, they will probably treat ;)

9. Treat yo self to new clothes! – When you come back to school you may not be able to show off your tan, but you will be able to show off your new clothes!

10. SLEEP – You already know how to do that!

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