10 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Want to spice up your Instagram feed? Give these accounts a follow!

1. Millie Bobby Brown // @milliebobbybrown

If you’re obsessed with Stranger Things like I am, definitely make sure to follow “Eleven” on Insta. Millie Bobby Brown is honestly a badass! AND she met DRAKE. #Drizzy!! Therefore, she automatically wins at life. None of us will ever be on her level.

2. Zendaya // @zendaya

Not only does Zendaya slay the game constantly, but she also fearlessly speaks up about important subject matter. Zendaya encourages individuality and open-mindedness – which is what our society as a whole should be promoting!

3. Miami University // @miamiuniversity

​Miami University’s Instagram account is actually super useful. It keeps students updated with activities and events happening on campus, and of course you get the occasional classic Oxford sunset photos! (always a lovely sight)

4. Cole Sprouse // @colesprouse

EYE CANDY. Can I get an amen? He has glow’d up beautifully since The Sweet Life of Zach and Cody. Cole also has mad photography skills and a wonderful sense of humor. This Riverdale cutie is everything we could possibly want, ladies.

5. The New York Times // @nytimes

Stay informed, people! I scroll on Instagram daily and come across interesting pictures associated with compelling stories. The descriptions underneath can sometimes be a bit lengthy, but worth the read nonetheless.

6. Cosmopolitan // @cosmopolitan

Pro Tip: Give Cosmo a follow to automatically improve the aesthetic of your Insta feed. Fashion, positivity, famous people deets, relatable memes, food pics and more – yes please!

7. Ansel Elgort // @ansel

Yes, Gus from The Fault in Our Stars. Ansel and his current gf are so dang precious. I personally enjoy glancing at photos of the couple. Gives me hope that true love still exists. PLUS he’s adorable and funny – score!

8. UP Magazine // @upfashionmag

Support our fabulous student-run fashion magazine! They host numerous events throughout the semester – so you obviously have to keep UP with new info and release dates. Absorb the #girly, #fashionforward, and #optimistic vibes that this account provides!!

9. National Geographic // @natgeo

The work of these phenomenal photographers are such a pleasure to view on a daily basis. Breath-taking pictures are shared non-stop and I absolutely love it. Follow. Now.

10. Saturday Night Live // @nbcsnl

As a college student that actively socializes during the weekends, I unfortunately miss SNL shows a lot. However, by following their Instagram account – you can get glimpses of what you missed (and a giggle in between study sessions).

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