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Tony ’14

This week’s campus celeb is quite the Italian stallion on campus, and I’m sure you know him or have seen him out. Tony Brunco ladies and gentleman is kind of a big deal. He is a senior, reigning from his hometown of Saugus, Mass and an Alumni of Malden Catholic (he just loves that MC). Not only is he a stud, he is wicked smart as well. A history buff with double minors in pre-law and Spanish, there’s no doubt this kid is going somewhere, hopefully law school and living the dream as a district attorney.

Although Tony is working his way into the real world, one law school acceptance letter at a time, he had definitely made the most of his time here at Merrimack and for sure leave his mark on our campus. Tony is our Student Government president, on the Augies advisory board, and a member of the Live 2 Give relay for life committee. Out of all these activities, when asked what his favorite was he responded with “SGA has to be my favorite thing to do on campus.  I’ve met so many great friends and mentors through SGA and it’s really helped me become more confident as a leader.  I think the biggest draw though is getting a behind-the-scenes look at all of the things that go into running our school from housing to choosing a new provost.” Clearly having the opportunity to be on SGA has done great things for him, and he encourages you to get involved in something, whether or not it is SGA.

Not only has he done great things here on Campus, he’s done some pretty extraordinary things through Merrimack over seas. The best thing tony has done here, and most thoroughly enjoyed comes in the form of the ultimate spring break trip, especially for a nice Italian catholic boy like Tony. “I went on the Pellegrinaggio trip to Italy last April and had the time of my life.  Being a history major it was incredible to see the places that I’ve studied in real life.  I also heard Mass by the Pope for the second time in my life–the first time being back in ’08 in the old Yankee Stadium when Pope Benedict came to the states.”

If you don’t know tony get to know him for sure, but quickly because time is running out! You can find him at the info desk at the library three nights a week, at his sweet room in the new res hall where he posts up with some baseball players, or  at Sparky’s enjoying his favorite…a good old slice of pepperoni pizza (although it’s nothing like the North End). 

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