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Thomas ’14

Ladies, we’ve heard you’re excited for this week’s Campus Cutie! Don’t think you can go and friend him on facebook once you’re done drooling over his questionaire, this Campus Cutie doesn’t believe in the social media monster. Thomas is a one of a kind, hockey guy whose advice to freshmen should be taken by all he girls. Keep an eye out for him on the ice this season, you may even see him patrolling the apartments when he’s on RA duty too. 

Name: Thomas McCarthy
Year: Junior
Major: Business Finance
Hometown: Maple Grove, MN
Relationship Status: Single

Interests/Activities: Hockey
What position do you play?: Defense

What do you look for in a girl?: Sense of humor, smile, driven
Favorite guilty pleasure?: Shoes and cologne 
Biggest turn off?: Someone who can’t hold a conversation
Blondes or Brunettes?: Either!
Favorite pick up line … does it work?: Nothing in particular and it seems to work
Celebrity Crush?: Hayden Penettiere and Emma Watson

Favorite movie?: The Shawshank Redemption
Most embarrassing moment?: When I played Junior Hockey, we went to the local elementary schools and would spend days with the kids there and during the gym class one day we played floor hockey. Not knowing that we were going to be playing floor hockey, I wore jeans and got a little too competitive and ended up tearing about a foot and a half hole down the front of my jeans. 

5 Things you can’t live without: In this order family, cellphone, xbox, cologne, laptop
Favorite compliment? For me: you look handsome or you smell nice. For the girl from me: You have a great smile!
Do you sing in the shower…song of choice?: To those who have ever heard I’m sorry, but yes. American Honey by Lady Antebellum

What do girls like best about you?: I’d like to think it would be my personality … 
Ideal date?: Movie and Ice Cream here. At home, ice cream and go to the hill by my house to look at the stars. It’s different back home because you can see much more of the night sky compared to here.

Life motto: words to live by? What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail. And: We learn from experience alone.

Most played song on you iPod? Rap: The Way I Am by Eminem Country: Summertime by Kenny Chesney

Plans for after graduation? Going to get my Masters or work, if I could pursue hockey I would like to play in Europe

Fun fact? I have nine Nieces and Nephews and I love kids!

What’s one piece of advice you would give to freshmen girls? Don’t feel the need to jump into anything to quickly. It is more attractive, in my opinion, if you are willing to take things slow and get to know someone for who they are before jumping into anything. Be yourself, don’t be someone who you think the guy wants you to be. Embrace yourself, being confident in who you truly are is a huge turn on. Don’t be afraid to be weird!

What’s your best feature? Personality: The ability to talk with anyone and get along with almost anyone. Physical: Smile

How do you feel about being this week’s campus cutie? Surprised and flattered.

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