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You may be thinking, “wow it’s way too early, November just started and we haven’t even made it to Thanksgiving”. I get it, Thanksgiving is lovely but nothing tops Christmas cheer. I can guarantee you my Christmas decorations went up as the clock struck 12 on November 1st. And yes I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with a Christmas tree in the background. A fun fact about me is that Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday, and the Christmas season is my absolute favorite time of year (maybe not the 20-degree and below weather though). From a very young age, I have been obsessed with decorating which leads into part of my love of the holiday. I tend to leave Thanksgiving in the dust due to my excitement to celebrate the Christmas season as long as possible. Everything about it brings me so much joy, making me look forward to it all year long. Nothing beats the music, movies, food, and decorations. In addition, I wanted to share some of my favorite fun and easy ways to get into the Christmas spirit. 

Listen to Christmas Music

This is an extremely easy way to get the Christmas spirit going. There are tons of different playlists already made for you, some of my favorites are the YouTube ones with a cracking fire or festive background (you can even connect these videos to your TV to have in the background while you cook or clean). Another fun thing you could do is make your own on Apple Music or Spotify with a cute cover photo from Pinterest. 


One of my favorite ways and probably the most fun is to decorate. Whether that’s your dorm room or your college apartment, decorating will add so much Christmas joy into your life. Contrary to popular belief you don’t need a huge 6-foot tree to decorate your space, even a small tree just in your room makes all the difference. Check out places like Dollar Tree, Big Lots, Target, Five Below, and Walmart for affordable decorations. My biggest tip is to get a cheap throw pillow and blanket for your bed to transform your room. 


Baking for any reason is always a slay, but during the Christmas season, it’s that much better. You could bake something as simple as pre-made cookies or go all out and bake Christmas-themed cupcakes. Whatever you decide will bring a smile to your face. One of the best things to bake are the Pillsbury premade cookies that have the cutest designs on them—ranging from reindeer, Christmas trees, snowmen, and even the hat from the famous movie ELF starring Will Ferrel.  

Watch Christmas Movies

There are tons of Christmas movies out there for you to watch, whether it be on Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, or Amazon Prime. You’ll find not only the classics but newer movies as well. Nothing tops some fresh Pillsbury Christmas Cookies, a glass of milk (of course), and your favorite holiday movie on the TV. Try it out & thank me later, also don’t forget your favorite Christmas candle to complete the experience. 

Watch Christmas YouTube Videos

One thing I am extremely guilty of is binge-watching way too many Christmas YouTube videos. There are tons of free videos at your disposal to watch from “Decorating my room for Christmas” to “my Christmas wishlist 2023”, you’ll find something that will get you into the Christmas vibes. 

Light a Christmas Candle

A candle can fix almost anything, especially a Christmas one. There are tons of cheap options instead of going to your nearest Bath and Body Works. Make sure you find a scent that gets you into a Christmas mood every time you put it on and enjoy!

Kami Chadwick

Merrimack '26

I am a chapter member at Merrimack College with a Communication and Media Major. I hope to work in advertising or social media in the future. I am a sophomore transfer student as well. I enjoy cheerleading, organizing, reading, and decorating. I have a 1 year old brother!