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As college students, not all of us can afford the ultimate get-away Spring Break trip. This doesn’t mean you need to spend all week laying around your house. Here are some less expensive things to do on Spring Break that will make the week an enjoyable one!

1. Take a trip to the beach! There may be snow on the ground, but the sight of waves will have you looking forward to warm, summer weather.

Hampton Beach

2. Spend the day at the mall! Window shopping is always a good option.

Mall at Rockingham Park

3. Catch up with old friends! It is easy to lose touch with friends back at home while your in college. This is a great oppurtunity to catch up with all of them.

Sex in the City Friends

4. Go on a hike! This is a great way to exercise plus an amazing bonding experience.

Mount Monadnock

5. Go bowling! Bring out your inner child and take a trip down to your local bowling alley.

Bowling Alley

6. Visit a nearby museum! Learn while looking at great exhibits.

Museum of Science

7. With a plethora of snow still on the ground, skiing/snowboarding is still available!

Pats Peak

8. Volunteer in your community! Giving a helping hand is always a satisfying feeling.

Helping Hands

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