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Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

The struggles of being a woman in the 1960s in science, budding romance, and becoming a talk show host are among the undertakings Elizabeth Zott is confronted with throughout the course of this novel. She represents the struggle many women face to navigate a male-dominated field and fight for her voice to be heard. Zott is relatable, dry-humored, and her bold demeanor shines through in her relationships. There also must be an honorable mention for Harriet– who juxtaposes Zott’s hard exterior and untraditional views. 

Although the start was a bit slow, the second half of the novel is worth the wait. The twists and turns are unexpected and captivating– once they happen. Live vicariously through Elizabeth Zott and she fights back and finds solace in womanhood, eventually tying everything up in a neat little bow for a satisfying ending. As a woman in STEM myself, I see aspects of my life in Elizabeth’s story and am validated by our parallel realities. She understands the ups and downs of being a scientist and a feminist all in one. Perfect read for adult or older teenage readers looking for female empowerment and a spirited story. 

Chelsea Miller

Merrimack '25

I am a junior studying Health Sciences with a minor in Biology at Merrimack College