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Merrimack CO-OP Program Experience

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Being able to be a part of the Co-op program has been one of my greatest experiences and has helped me grow as a person. If anyone has an opportunity to do a Co-op or even just an internship while still in college, I cannot recommend it more. Throughout this article, I am going to tell you about my experience, and what I would recommend to others thinking about this opportunity. 

As I reflect back on this experience, all the way back to June when I first applied. I am brought so many emotions, happiness, sadness, gratefulness, and fearfulness. I applied back in June. I applied without thinking much of it and was going to continue to enjoy my summer. I got an email one hot summer day while laying on the beach. I rushed back to my house to open my computer to answer, they were interested in me! I was so excited, this could be my first “real” job. I ended up going through the interview process, and they sent me an offer in July. At this point it seemed so far away, it was nothing to worry or stress about, I still had six months until the job started. Little did I know those six months would fly by. Fast forward to January, when I started. I was beyond nervous for my first day, I had no idea what to expect, who to see, or what I would be doing. Now as it has come to a close, those emotions have changed, I am excited, grateful, and hopeful. 

I had spent every day of the past twelve weeks of this semester in an office at a cubicle, while all of my roommates and friends were out going to class and doing many fun things on campus. This was one of the biggest challenges that I faced. I felt as though I was constantly missing out and drifting from the important people in my life. Being able to find a balance between everything was very important. Making time to hang out with my friends and roommates at the end of the day was something that I made time for even though I was exhausted from working all day. 

One of the biggest lessons that I have learned so far is to stick up for myself and to have patience. If I could go back to the beginning of my time here I would have tried to tell myself this sooner. As an intern I was nervous to speak up and stick up for myself when I didn’t know what I was doing or if I did not have work assigned to me. To go along with that and not knowing what I was doing, having patience is needed. Some higher-ups do not know how to explain something properly and this can get frustrating. Having to ask many questions to be able to understand is something that I have had to do and know that asking many questions is okay. 

This experience is something that I will forever be grateful for. It has been such an amazing experience learning real examples of what is taught in a classroom, networking, and meeting so many great people who work in a field that I am aspiring to work in as well as clients I got to meet.

Janie Donahue

Merrimack '25

I am a junior at Merrimack College studying Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting with a minor in Religious and Theological Studies and Criminology. I hope to one day be a CPA and work for the FBI! On campus my other involvements are Zeta Tau Alpha - Treasurer, Women in Business, Austin Scholars, National Society of Leadership and Success.