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Megan ’15

To say the least Megan Keenan is a cool girl, and definitely a friendly face on this campus. She comes from the beautiful beach town that is Gloucester, Mass where she is the oldest and has one younger sister who is 15. It is clear that she is an older sibling by the awesome way she lives her life, which not only sets a good example for her sister, but inspires so many on this campus to be better people.

Megan is someone who genuinely cares about people, which can be clearly reflected in her favorite class at Merrimack. While it had nothing to do with her business major, she loved taking sociology. This class was something wonderful that allowed her to gain insight as to how people and personalities function within society; a unique dynamic that so few understand.

Megan’s compassion for others can also be seen when looking at the many, and I mean many things she is involved with on campus. A member of the M.O.R.E. community she has taken relationships with fellow students to a whole new level. This has been one of her favorite things on campus, and like so many other celebrities have suggested, if you haven’t gone on this retreat…. DO IT NOW! 

Another great experience Megan has had on campus is through the service trips that Campus Ministry puts on. This year alone Megan has gone to Washington, DC and Kentucky to serve those that are less fortunate then majority of us Merrimack Students. Her willingness and desire to serve on her own breaks is just another lens to view how caring Megan truly is.

To take her involvement even farther Megan is the secretary of MPB, where she holds everything together and makes sure everyone is in the loop about everything. Whether it be taking notes or sending out e-mail reminders, this girl is on top of it. She is also a fierce battler of cancer and a co-captain for her relay team, so you’ll see her walking around for a cause all night April 4th! Additionally, she is a key member to the Orientation Committee and helps do the ever so important task of helping freshman feel like they belong here.

Megan’s best advice to those joining the Merrimack community is to get involved, but you can ask her about that if you ever see her friendly face on campus. She’ll probably be rocking some array of black and white with an ever so subtle pop of teal (her favorite color). She can frequently be found with sidekick Mikey Britton, the ultimate dynamic duo. If she’s not around the Sak, try the bookstore where she’s a manager, and if you can’t find her on campus anywhere there are 2 other places to look…. Chipotle and perfectos. Get to know her or give her a follow, @MEGitRain17, she’s an awesome person, I promise. 

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