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Getting Some Spring Break Swag


One of the coolest perks of working for Her Campus is the awesome swag that Nationals sends our way for all our hard work! Since Spring Break was on its way, HC Nationals sent us an awesome box filled with tons of goodies called a Spring Break Survival Kit! 

The kit that we got recently had a wide variety of things for us to enjoy and we wanted to let you all know what we got! In the box there are some hair samples, one is Biotera Ultra Color Care that helps to extend color up to 50% longer and the other is TRESemme Keratin Smooth 7 Day Smooth Control Starter Set, there are two very cool discounts that we were given as well! One is a 20% discount to Yokini Swimwear, have you heard about their “yoga inspired fold-over swim bottom”? It’s something that this Collegiette is definitely going to check out! The other discount is to European Wax Center, who wouldn’t want their eyebrows done for free!? Neuro sent us a free sample of another one of their drinks, this time around we were sent “Sleep” along with a sleep mask to enjoy. Neuro Sleep is a mellow mango flavored drink that promotes restful sleep and helps normalize sleep patterns. Even Chipotle hooked us up again with a few cards for a free burrito and chips and salsa. We cannot get enough Chipotle, especially since there is one so close to campus! And of course Her Campus sent us some awesome swag too from the HC Shop, we got a stadium cup, a few koozies, a car decal and a sweet pair of sunglasses!

Nationals is paired up with so many different companies that when we get sent goodie boxes it is filled with a wide variety of items. HC Merrimack wants to send a huge shout out and thank you to all the partners for the swag! 

When this fun-loving sorority girl isn't hitting the books or helping plan a ZTA event, she's constantly on the go. As if being a commuter student isn't enough, Joanna is working part-time at a bank, is a member of the executive committee in her sorority, and is working to set up several clubs on campus. When Joanna's got a spare minute to herself, if there is any time to spare, she enjoys eating sushi, attempting to speak German with her friend, cuddling with her Golden Retriever, Dobby, and ordering venti non-fat chai lattes [one of her many downfalls.]
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