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School gets out in a few weeks which means that it is officially going to be summer. Summer memories are made by going to the beach, hanging out with friends, late night fires, and concerts. Below are some concerts coming to Boston and surrounding areas this summer. 

Tim McGraw at the TD Garden

I feel like summer isn’t complete without a country concert. Tim McGraw is the kind of country that you play when sitting at the beach and most of us grew up around the time he was at his peak so it would be so nice to see him live. 

Justin Timberlake at the TD Garden

Who doesn’t want to bring Sexy Back? See what I did there, anywho JT is coming to the Boston area and hitting the Garden stage. I feel like no matter what age you are he appeals to any age, you mom, you as a college student, what could be better. JT did play the 2018 Super Bowl, I feel like a long time ago but it was a great show. He brings great energy and I can’t wait to see what he will bring to Boston. 

Kid Cudi at the TD Garden 

Kid Cudi for me screams college student age audience due to the consistent playing of Pursuit of Happiness at the gatherings we have here. He has great music and discography so it should be a hype show. 

AJR at the TD Garden

I have know of AJR since 2013 when they were just hitting the main stream and they opened for Fifth Harmony at the State Games of America in Hershey PA, and at the end of the night they were standing out on the concourse waiting to see if anyone wanted to take a picture and they were getting nothing, (Sadly, I was one of those people that walked by them, regretting it now that they are huge). They keep getting better and better. I have seen videos of their concerts and their music videos, both so good, they have such good chemistry, probably because they are related but so good. This is one concert I would highly recommend going to. 

JLO at the TD  Garden

JLO is back in the Bean. Last time she was here she was at the XFinity Center, and it was such a good show. She was very interactive with her audience even being on the lawn at XFinity she was able to be seen and heard. JLO also has numerous costume changes which adds a nice spice to the show because they’re all so different and add to her set. Even though she is my mom’s age she is still doing this and so effortlessly. This is another concert that I had a great time at and encourages everyone to see JLo.

Usher at the TD Garden

In case you missed the Usher Halftime show at the Super Bowl just know this man has moves. I have been listening to Usher’s music lately and they’re all such bops. He also is a good time for all ages due to his career being stretching across the lifespan of millennials to Gen Z. Usher brings a lot of energy to his concerts which makes the audience so engaged, he also works with a lot of other artists so maybe he will bring out someone, maybe this time it will be Justin Beiber. 

Jelly Roll at the TD Garden

Jelly Roll is one of the newer voices in the country world, but he has taken it in stride. All his music tells a story which is so heart wrenching but so good. Also Jelly Roll as a person is so impactful, he comes  from a past with regretted decisions and is trying to move forward and create a better future which is quite admirable. This is definitely high on my list of concerts to attend for the summer. 

Hardy at the Xfinity Center 

I’m a new Hardy fan but his music is really good and he is such a good performer so this is another concert that I want to go to. Hardy also has a lot of famous country artist friends so maybe there will be special guests (cough, Morgan Wallen, cough,cough)

Kane Brown at Fenway Park 

I’m going and I am very excited. Thank you! Also I have never been to a concert at Fenway so I’m excited to see how the venue will be different since I have only ever been to the Stadium for baseball games. I hope the acoustics are good because Kane puts on such good shows. 

Hootie and the Blowfish at Fenway Park

My Dad and I love Hootie and the Blowfish. I have already told my dad a hootie song will be our first dance at my wedding. The decision is final. I would love to see them live, my parents have seen them and said it was such a good concert so I think it’s my turn. 

Noah Kahan at Fenway Park

I was a part of the TicketMaster war and I kept getting kicked out so I gave up. However, my sister got tickets so praying she takes me which would be a huge slay of her. Noah is a new artist to the mainstream but his music is so good and relatable so being able to see him live to scream and sing False Confidence unreal. 

Zach Bryan at Gillette Stadium 

I also tried to get Zach Bryan tickets and also lost the war on Ticketmaster however I’m not a huge fan so it’s not a huge loss. When Zach’s tour videos were on my TikTok ForYou page and the fact that he brought Bruce Springsteen out that was a major slay. His music in my opinion is very vibe specific, I like a couple but not everything. He looks to put on a good concert just not for me. 

Kenny Chesney/Zac Brown Band at Gillette Stadium 

This is going to be an epic concert. I love Kenny and I love ZBB the fact they are in the same building chefs kiss. I feel like this is a new country and an old country that I’m here for. I really want to go to this concert just to save the funds due to being a broke college student. Would 1000% recommend this concert especially if you’re a die hard country fan. 

Tate McCrae at the MGM Music Hall

She is a queen! I have been following her since she was on SYTYCD: Next Gen, she is such a presence on stage and clips of her performances have been on my FYP and so good. I have been having her album on repeat recently so like why not see her live.

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