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Campus Kitchens Project $5000 Grant Winners

Merrimack College has recently won a $5000 grant from Campus Kitchens Project in order to start their own Campus Kitchens Project chapter. This project helps colleges, universities, and high schools fight against hunger. They help take the leftover food from the school’s cafeterias, package them in an appropriate manner, and then ship them off to local communities that are in need of food. Volunteers from Merrimack College, with the help of the Campus Kitchens Project, will be taking the leftover food from Sparky’s and delivering it to the surrounding towns that are in need.

Campus Kitchens Project presented by the Sodexo Foundation ran a competition to give out $5000 grants to colleges around the country. A week of voting took place where people could vote daily for the college they wanted to win. In order for a college to be counted in the competition, they had to go through the online Campus Kitchen Planner, and then they had to submit a video explaining how their community would benefit from the Campus Kitchens Project. These videos could be seen by the public, which could help someone determine who to vote for. After a week of continuous voting by the Merrimack community and supporters, Merrimack College came up on top with 9492 votes! This honored them the $5000 grant. Virginia Tech came in second with 9474 votes and University of Houston came in third with 2474 votes, both also received a $5000 grant. 

If your school is also interested in the Campus Kitchens Project, please check out their website of how to start your own Campus Kitchen at http://www.campuskitchens.org/start-a-kitchen/

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