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As classes come to a close and finals begin, most of us are just like me and are thinking about summertime. When I think of summer my first thought is going to the beach. Whether you’re going to the beach once or have a whole vacation planned out, it’s important to have the essentials packed. If you’re like me, you always frantically pack a bag an hour before and forget everything. Luckily I have come up with a list of beach essentials that are a must. It’s a perfect little list to keep in mind for the next time you pack your beach bag. 

The first item is a good bag. You can’t fill a beach bag of essentials without actually having a good-sized beach bag. Small tote bags are the best for carrying and still fitting everything, but just about any bag will work! My favorite beach bag has pockets so it keeps everything organized and in place. 

The most obvious essential for the beach is sunscreen. This is an easy thing to forget about but it’s so important for the beach. I love the Sun Bum SPF 50 lotion as someone who burns after being in the sun for a while. Investing in a sunscreen stick for your face is also essential. 

Next is water or a reusable water bottle. If you are able to, packing a cooler with ice and water will be helpful but if all you have is a beach bag try to bring a reusable water bottle so it stays as cold as possible. Beach days are the worst if you are dehydrated and run out of water. 

Another item that I couldn’t go to the beach without is a book. Nothing is more relaxing than reading on the beach. If you’re not into reading, a good item to bring instead is a speaker. You probably would rather not listen to the people around you and their music anyway, so a speaker is great especially when you are at the beach with friends. 

A towel is the next essential item. It’s a perfect item to have so you can lie down in the sand or dry off after going in the water. If you don’t like getting your towel sandy then investing in a beach blanket to sit on is a good idea too. 

Next, we have chapstick because you can never leave the house without it. This is such an essential item not only for the beach but just in general. You’ll always find yourself reaching for your chapstick, so you do not want to forget this. 

Taryn Lynch

Merrimack '25

I’m a Junior health science major with a biology minor!