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Ashley ’14

Ashley Foley is a senior from Silver Spring Maryland. She is a Psychology major and applies what she learn in class at her internship, where she works with abused and neglected youth at a local group home. Ashley has a passion for travel, that has been ignited and fueled by her experience abroad in Ireland. She was there for the entire junior year and was able to travel around Europe, meet many extraordinary people, as well as immerse herslef in a variety of cultures. Ashley's dream job would involve traveling the world. She is a starting player of the Women's Rugby team for the past three years and also enjoys weekly zumba classes!

The advice Ashley would give to incoming freshman would be to try new things and get involved on campus. One of the best ways to meet new people is joining a club or sport. She had never played rugby before college when a friend encouraged her to try it out. She ended up meeting some of my best friends through playing the sport. Ashley strongly encourages all students to study abroad. She states that your time here is short so have fun, meet new people, and go to class. Learning can be fun when it is something you are interested in! 



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