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Amalfi Coast!

This weekend 7 of my friends and I took a trip the the Amalfi Coast! We went with the travel company Bus2Alps. We left Thursday night and got to our hotel in Sorrento in about 3 hours. This bus ride was so short compared to some of the others we have been on (Switzerland: 10 hours, Venice: 8 hours) As soon as we arrived we went straight to bed.Friday morning we woke up and took a ferry to the island of Capri! It was only a 30 minute boat ride but because the weather was windy and cloudy in the morning, the boat ride was really choppy. Thank god I don’t get sea sick because the boat was rocking like crazy. As soon as we arrived we transferred onto a small boat to have a tour around the island. It was so cool to see all of the sights such as the Love Tunnel and the Blue Grotto! We got to see the Blue Grotto in real life ,which was AMAZING. We had to go on tiny row boats through this little opening in the rocks. We had to all lay flat while going through the hole, showing how small it really was! As soon as we got in it opened up and we got to see the most beautiful sight. The cave was pitch black but was illuminated bright blue from the water! It was breathtaking. After that, we took a train up the mountain to get the the top called Anacapri. We all got a frozen drink to start off the day! All though the weather wasn’t ideal in the morning, it cleared up for the rest of the day. We got pizza at this awesome restaurant and spent most of the day shopping and admiring the amazing views from the top of Capri. I also got custom made sandals, something they are known for! Although they were a bit of a splurge, they were so worth it! I got them fitted perfectly to my feet and got to pick the color of the leather and the style I wanted. Also, the cutest old Italian man made them right in front of me which was so cool! Around 5pm we took the boat back to Sorrento where our hotel is. We got dinner around 8 and spent the evening talking and walking around town!

Saturday, we headed to the black sand beaches of Positano! We took a 45 minute bus ride there on the most scenic drive I could have ever imagined. The roads were so windy all along the coast, high above the turquoise waters! It was beautiful! As soon as we got there we all headed straight to the ocean. We spent the day laying out on the black sand beaches and swimming in the Mediterranean! It was a perfect beach day and I still can’t believe it was real life.

Rachel DeYoung is a junior at Merrimack College pursuing a degree in Business Marketing with a minor in Mass Communications. This is her third year as a member of the Her Campus Merrimack College chapter where she assumes the role of Campus Correspondent. You can follow her on Instagram (rdeyoung)
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