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A Guide to the Best Trader Joes Snacks

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Everyone has their favorite, must-grab snacks when making their annual run to the grocery store. For some the list may include foods like pickles or doritos. However, the grocery store Trader Joe’s has become specifically well known for offering some of the best snacking options for their loyal customers. Trader Joe’s food creations have become so popular that shoppers of all ages have taken to multiple social media platforms to share their love for the foods exclusively offered at Trader Joe’s. This is your guide to the most popular Trader Joe’s foods that you won’t want to miss on your next trip to the store. 

  1. Trader Joe’s “Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips: Chili and Lime Flavored.” 

This extremely popular Trader Joe’s snack has broken the internet with its spicy, mouthwatering flavor. This snack has a hint of lime with the perfect amount of spicy kick. Many people agree that this is Trader Joe’s version of the well known snack Takis. These chips will fix all of your late night cravings and will definitely become addicting after just one bag! This snack has become so popular that it has, occasionally, been completely sold out on some of my Trader Joe’s runs. Make sure you catch a bag for yourself the next time you spot them at a Trader Joe’s, as this product is in high demand. 

  1. Trader Joe’s “Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches.” 

These delicious ice cream sandwiches are great for any time you’re looking for a sweet treat. They consist of two chocolate chip cookies glued together by creamy, vanilla ice cream and covered with semi-sweet chocolate chips. Personally, I love this Trader Joe’s item whenever I’m in the mood for ice cream and it is definitely a popular dessert staple in many households. 

  1. Trader Joe’s “Everything But The Bagel Seasoning Blend.” 

Although this Trader Joe’s item isn’t particularly a snack, I highly recommend that everyone owns a bottle of this amazing seasoning. This flavorful blend includes sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dried garlic and onion, and sea salt flakes. Although this topping is a great choice for bagels, it can add flavor to many other foods as well. It has been commonly used on avocado toast as well. This is another great Trader Joe’s item that needs to be added to your spice drawer asap. 

  1. Trader Joe’s “Mandarin Orange Chicken.” 

 Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken is a delicious dinner option for anyone who is a fan of orange chicken. The meal offers breaded chicken bites covered in a sweet, orange sauce. I love serving this dish over white rice to bring it all together. This Trader Joe’s meal is also very easy to cook and is a great option for a quick but flavorful dinner. 

  1. Trader Joe’s “Steamed Chicken Soup Dumplings.” 

This final dish also makes an excellent dinner or meal option. This item is a fan favorite amongst my college roommates. My friend will buy at least three boxes of these because she loves them so much and knows my other roommates will steal some as well. Just like the Mandarin Orange Chicken, these dumplings are very easy to make and will satisfy all of your Chinese food cravings.

Wynne Drucker

Merrimack '26

Wynne is a Sophomore studying Communications and Media with a minor in Public Relations at Merrimack College. She is from Franklin, Massachusetts and hopes to work in sports communications or social media in the future.