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University Center Aerobics Classes

Staying in shape is a constant worry for all college students, but after a long day of classes and an impending night filled with homework, going to the gym is the last thing on anyone’s mind.

 The problem is motivation. It is easy to just say exercise tomorrow, but most of the time tomorrow never comes. If any of this sounds familiar, then there is an on campus solution that many Mercerians should not overlook. Head to the University Center and check out the U.C. group fitness classes.

Exercising in a group is a great way to keep motivated rather than just relying on oneself.  The U.C. offers a number of 45 minute fitness classes ranging from dance to water aerobics classes that are taught in the U.C. aerobics room or at the U.C. pool.

The list of classes includes: Complete Cardio, Butt & Gut, Body Sculpt, Kick Boxing & Core, Strength & Conditioning, Zumba and Water Aerobics. These classes are designed to work up a sweat and help to burn off those calories. 

Classes are scheduled throughout the day so that students can get an afternoon or an evening workout. So gather up a group of friends and go to the U.C.!

“They are a great opportunity for students, faculty and staff to get a varied amount of workouts at a specific time and place,” said Rachel May, Director of Wellness.

May teaches the Body Sculpt class and the Butts & Gut class. Not only does she teach classes, but she attends the classes as well and finds new ideas to implement in her own classes.

“Once you get in class and start to work out the time goes by pretty quickly. The classes are designed for all skill levels. We try to make to make it accessible to everyone. It is also a great way to meet people from across campus, and a great way to commit yourself to getting a good workout in,” said May.

Ideally students should attempt to work out multiple times per week, but for those students that are new to exercise, start out attending two classes per week and then work your way up. It is also a good idea to combine the classes with individual exercise at the U.C. gym or outside activities.

“I would encourage people to check it out if you are looking for improved fitness results. Results are all about variety. With the different instructors and classes you get a lot of that, and a lot of the things that you learn in the classes can be done at home or on the weekends,” explained May.

In order to actually see results, you need as much variety within your individual workout as possible. Doing the same old routine on the treadmill or elliptical only maintains you current weight status.
“Really, you could come to one of the classes every day and you would not get the same workout two days in a row,” said May.

To find the schedule for the UC group fitness classes check out the U.C. website for a list of all the classes and the times.

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