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Stay Cool: Rock that Bearstock Style


Finding the perfect outfit for Bearstock is more than a struggle, it’s an art form. It is all about finding a balance between combating the heat and avoiding the awkward tan lines that will enviably appear after a day lounging in the sun. Don’t you worry one bit though Her Campus Mercer has all the tips and outfits to keep you cool and looking lovely from head to toe.

1.       The Head – Sun hats are not a fad that only your grams can pull off. In fact they are not even close to a fad, sun hats are here to stay. Although they have often been associated with the beach, but they are much more suited for any occasion. When in search of a hat check out this site first for tips on shape, size, color, and style that can suit you best

2.       The Shoulders – To bear or not to bear that is the question.  When choosing a top for Bearstock keep in mind the amount of sun you will be receiving, especially if you are like me and want to stay out there all day long. I personally would go with a short sleeve shirt. If you desire to go with a long sleeve I would suggest a billowy loose top like the one above.

3.       The Hips – Shorts are always a must! The question is whether to go short or keep it at the knee. Honestly it all depends upon what you are comfortable with, here is a help for diagram for helping you find the perfect pair of shorts just for you. Skirts are a possibility at Bearstock, but I don’t find them very comfortable and honestly I don’t want to worry about accidentally flashing someone as I sit down or get crazy to my favorite Switchfoot song. However if you are going for the skirt here is a guide to keep you looking fly!

4.       The Feet – For the day bands show the toes, at night lock them up tight. That is my number one rule for choosing my shoes. During the day I would suggest some sandals or even flats that can easily slip on and off, there is nothing like laying your toes in the grass and relaxing to a great band in the sunshine. However the night is a whole different story, if your toes are exposed the odds of them being trampled are high especially if you are in the mosh pit (aka anywhere near the stage).

5.       The Accessories – Purse and jewelry galore! My favorite type of purse is the side satchel that hangs low at the hip; I would not consider taking any other type of purse with me. Satchels are cute and really handy when you don’t want your things to disappear off of you. I would suggest leaving any valuable jewelry off.  Fun Bangles and nifty hair clips however are a must!

The general idea behind choosing clothing to wear to Bearstock is to keep yourself fresh and cool. Go with bright colors and loose, but fashion forward clothing. Yet no matter what you wear to Bearstock remember to have fun!

Olivia is a Business Major at Mercer University, pursuing a degree in Management and a minor in Marketing. With love for the arts she aspire to someday open her own bakery and non-profit organization for the arts. With a passion for all thing in life she hopes to spread the joy of community and creativity.
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