Singer & Engineer: Titus Lawrence

1. Full name? Titus Wendell Lawrence Jr.

2. Classification? Junior

3. Major/Minor? Electrical Engineering

4. Hobbies? Singing, dancing, songwriting, and socializing.

5. Campus Involvement? A.G.A.P.E. Campus Ministry Praise Team, Praise Dance Team and Step Team, Wesley Campus Ministry, RUF Campus Ministry, Gamma Iota Gamma chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. (President), Club Tennis, Volleyball, and Lacrosse. National Society of Black Engineers, Bearitones A Capella Group (President), and Tutor for Elementary kids through Mercer Center of Leadership and Volunteerism

6. What do you want to do after you graduate? After I graduate I intend to work as an intern at Georgia Power for 5 years and proceed to work for Apple or Google in the future.

7. Favorite thing about Mercer? My favorite thing about Mercer is the community. We're such a small school in comparison to bigger schools that I'm able to know most people on campus which makes my experience and time at Mercer much greater because I can create connections with everyone including faculty and staff at Mercer.

8.Who/what inspires you to keep working hard? My family is the number one thing that inspires me. So many people back home are expecting me to be great and do great things and I can't let them down. I realize that what I do doesn't only affect me but everyone around me and keeping that in mind everyday is my motivation to make it through the hards tests and hard times I've had at Mercer.

9. What's your favorite childhood memory? My favorite childhood memory would have to be the first time I actually sang in front of an audience. I was 7 years old and it was youth Sunday at church. I remember being very nervous because it was my first time but I enjoyed singing for the Lord and as a bonus I actually did sound good. That was when I first realized my talent for singing.