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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

So, one of our favorite things about fall is the food... oh, who are we kidding? One of our favorite things in general is food. However, this season in particular has some of the best flavors and aromas. Although pumpkin spice is delicious, it isn't EVERYTHING nice about autumn. Cinnamon, apples, carrot, squash, and so many others are the perfect flavors to usher in the cooler temperatures and changing leaves.

There is no better way to starting out the day with a healthy breakfast to give us the energy we need to make it through long class days. These protein pumpkin pancakes look absolutely delicious if you want to try something a little more advanced in cooking than those easy bisquick boxes for pancakes.


For those of us less kitchen savvy, the microwave can make amazing foods as well, like this carrot cake muffin. It is just as healthy too with a lot of fiber and protein! Bonus: your gluten free friends can also enjoy this!


Now that we have started our morning out with bursts of flavor, we can continue this food voyage with a healthy, fall-inspired lunch. Salads may just be the easiest and healthiest option for college students to make and take to class. Try out this Autumn Chopped salad filled with pears, apples, roasted peanuts, and dried cranberries. 


If salads aren't really your thing, these ham and swiss sliders are the perfect transporting size. Plus, they can be made the night before and taken with you to class. They are great with a homemade crock pot potato soup if you want them for dinner instead! Just look at how adorable these pumpkin bowls are!


Another dinner option that is SUPER easy, even for college kids, are these slow cooker apple cider pulled chicken sandwiches. They would pair perfectly with some roasted sweet potatoes either in the oven or crockpot.


Alright, so all of these sounds delicious, but where are our dessert lovers? We definitely did not forget about you! Aside from all of Halloween candy we are sure you are bound to have, these next two sweet recipes work as snacks or even breakfast (just make sure to brush your teeth!). The first just sounds like it would melt in your mouth… crock pot cinnamon roll casserole.


If you need something a bit quicker than crock pot desserts, these 10 minute homemade pumpkin spice rice krispy treats. YUM! Warning: napkins are needed for these sticky sweets!


Given the title of this post, we just had to end it with the ultimate of fall recipes. You can probably guess what it is given all of the special fall-flavored foods out in the store are pumpkin spice flavored. So, if you can’t get to a Starbucks or you are throwing a party where you need larger amounts, this crock pot pumpkin spice latte (PSL) will be sure to satisfy this craving!


We hope there is something to tickle your taste buds here, even if you aren’t a PSL lover. Let us know what your favorite fall recipes are!

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