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Pre-medding Into Her Future: Kimberlee Fernandez

1. Full name? Kimberlee Alissa Fernandez

2. Classification? Senior

3. Major/Minor? Spanish/Biology major, Chemistry/Psych minor, on pre-med track

4. Hobbies? Doing Insanity or other work-out programs and collecting party lights or any sort of quirky or cool light appliances.

5. Campus Involvement? I am a part of Alpha Phi Omega, Quadsquad, Beta Beta Beta, International Bears Association, and Habitat for Humanity

6. What do you want to do after you graduate? After I graduate I want to join my sister in the same medical school in Florida. The school is Nova Southeastern University and I hopefully plan on settling there as well

7. Favorite thing about Mercer? My favorite thing about Mercer is the energy of the people at the school. There always seems to be some sort of buzz in people to keep them going or just to keep the school alive. Even during the most crazy weeks, you can find events with cheering and excited people or smiles. There just never is a time where you can't find some sort of excitement at this school and it's refreshing and heartwarming.

8. Who/what inspires you to keep working hard? The who part of this question is definitely my family and close friends. But the what part also comes from them too. I see the passion for me to have a successful future from my family, motivating me to keep going and to never give up. I see my friends pursuing their dreams in the hardest of times and it assures me that I can too attain the dreams I want. They encourage me and remind me who I am and what I am actually capable of when I beat myself down. Seeing as how we are our worst enemies. I can thank my friends and family for defeating my own pessimism and helping me pick myself up and keep going and striving to do more. And because of their help, I always go above and beyond what I expect of myself many times.

9. Favorite Mercer memory? One of my favorite Mercer memories was two years ago when I helped with freshman move in. It was pouring rain so hard, the water came to the top of our ankles. Yet I still remember all of us laughing and squealing with joy and fun. I remember telling the freshman welcome and we all would scurry to help get their things inside even though you could barely see through or hear above the downpour. Even though it was pouring and such a miserable looking day, we all looked silly in our skimpy plastic ponchos laughing and hauling tons of people's stuff. I laughed and joked with people I had never met and the hours I was there whizzed by. It definitely was a day to remember. I did not expect the fun I had that day and I still smile when I remember standing in the back of MEP, cars lined up, and little poncho covered people running around with lamps and bins, yet still smiling.

10. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you go? If at this moment I could be anywhere. It would be with my sister and mom in Florida. Today is my mother's birthday and there is nothing more exciting and makes me happy than the Fernandez girls together.

Jaclyn Ramkissoon is an aspiring journalist. Her hobbies include not being tall enough to reach things, losing socks in the wash, petting stray dogs, and being able to quote Back To The Future on command. She's 90 lbs of pure pop-punk.
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