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Photographer Wendy Babcox Exhibits at Mercer


The Hardman Hall Gallery has a new art exhibition that features some of the contemporary photographic works of British artist Wendy Babcox. The show is entitled “Whisper to Me” and features portraits of young women in masks surrounded by majestic horse figures in the landscape.
 “A few things that make the show so interesting is the technique that she uses, by using a slow shutter speed and hand painting with the light.

Another thing is how the photographs invoke elements of magical realism and surrealism. These emotive qualities are very interesting and invoke a sense of mystery,” explained Craig Coleman associate professor of art, digital media at Mercer.

These photographs are created by using long exposures at night with Babcox “painting” light onto the figures in the landscape with a flashlight.

The artist also uses video projection to include the additional imagery of horses into the scenes.
Babcox made a statement about the show:

“At 9, nothing was more important than the opportunity to spend time with horses. Grooming, feeding, cleaning stables, polishing saddles and bridles were ritual acts of deep and abiding love. But above all else, the sensuality of touch, the smell and the physical sensation of riding a horse brought me joy of such magnitude and intensity it remains with me even now.”

The horses are ethereal, they come in the night; emerging from the domestic landscape of the garden as phantoms. The young women are masked. They are calm, reserved and meditative. They emanate cool, calm light as they listen to the whispers of lost loves.”

Babcox is an associate professor in photography and related media at the University of South Florida. She works principally with photography and video and has had her work exhibited in many galleries throughout the United States and overseas.

There will be a “Gallery Talk” and reception in which Babcox will be present on November 28th at 10 a.m. for those interested. The event is free and open to all.

To find out more about the upcoming exhibitions that the Hardeman Hall Gallery is hosting stay tuned to their website or check out their Facebook page.

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