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Kayleigh Irby ’11

Name: Kayleigh Irby

Kayleigh is a senior who lives off campus in retro house with a Hobbit door located in north Macon. She is a Journalism major and earning a Photography minor to go alongside it.

Hometown: Macon, GA
Relationship Status: Looking for Shawn Spencer
Activities: Kayleigh is super busy. She works as Advertising Manager and columnist for “The Cluster,” she is a member of Mercer Dance Revolution and works as an intern at New York Life Insurance. Kayleigh is also the secretary for the Society for Collegiate Journalists. In her free time, Kayleigh enjoys enjoys cooking and photography. She hopes to move to New York and work in Public Relations (but will settle for a journalism job too, if you’re offering). Eventually, she wants to start her own magazine.
Why Kayleigh is our Campus Cutie: Because she’s goshdarn-adorable and has a personality that can (and will) light up your day. 

Kathleen has red hair, blue eyes and a ridiculous amount of freckles. Her favorite actor is Jason Schwartzman and her true love is television. She also enjoys comic books, 'Doctor Who' and cupcakes. Currently, Kathleen is a senior at Mercer University and is earning her double major in Journalism and English. She hopes to move to New York and become a real life Liz Lemon. At Mercer, Kathleen is the News Editor of the campus paper, 'The Cluster.' Also, Kathleen is part of the equestrian team, Society for Collegiate Journalists and several honor societies. Kathleen also is the head of the Mercer University HerCampus team and would love for fellow Mercer students to contact her about writing for the site by E-mailing her at [email protected]
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