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Hauntings in Macon

On Halloween, most people will dress up and go trick-or-treating. Some will visit scary houses or corn mazes. Even fewer will venture into unknown. For those who aren’t intimidated by scary costumes and dark hallways, the supernatural is a way to get a thrill. Macon, Georgia has a rich historical background. It has been inhabited and civilized since before 900 A.D. Since then, the city has been home to Native Americans, plantation owners, slaves, Civil War soldiers, musicians, and college students. Over the years, the tragic lives and deaths of these inhabitants have left the city with many hauntings. From Mercer University to the Hay House, Macon is filled with distressed spirits who cannot rest in peace.

Hay House

Built in 1859, the Hay House is rumored to be filled with supernatural activity. Employees and visitors have all reported seeing a ghostly figure haunting the hallways. The figure appears to be an old women dressed in clothes that were common in the nineteenth century. It is also not uncommon to hear footsteps and voices in the master bedroom. Doors slamming shut, mysterious drafts, and the feeling of heavy breathing behind guests further confirms the presence of ghosts. The source of this haunting is uncertain, but it is believed that a former resident of the house died of a terrible illness in the master bedroom.



Most Mercer University students hear about the ghost of the Mary Ellen Porter residence halls as freshman. Some write it off as a myth, but could there be some truth behind it? It is speculated that a young lady committed suicide and remains to haunt the third floor of Boone. Students over the years have kept the legend alive and have experienced strange happenings on this hall. Could the ghost of this young woman be the cause of this? Unexplained cool air and disappearing images suggest so.


Ocmulgee National Monument

Although the creators of the Ocmulgee National Monuments are unknown, it is well-known that these mounds have been home to thousands of Native Americans since before 900 A.D. The mounds were used to house assemblies, ceremonies, and burials. After the site was abandoned by the Native Americans, it became the home of a trading post for the early English settlers. During this time, the English were attacking the Spanish in Florida and used the mounds as a base. In the early 1800s, Fort Hawkins was built. The fort remained and the mounds became a battlefield during the Civil War. Today, there are still remains of the artillery battery near the mounds. It is said that children’s laughter can be heard echoing through the empty visitor’s center. It is also common for visitors to report seeing a white dog on the mounds that vanishes into thin air. It is believed that this dog may have been a protector of the mounds.


These are only a few of the many haunted places in Macon. With Macon’s rich historical background and many tragedies, there are countless buildings and sites that are home to the wandering spirits of its former residents. So if you are bored by the typical Halloween celebrations, try exploring the historical city of Macon. You never know who, or what, you might find.

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