Get to Know Sam Dunton!

What is your full name? My full name is Samuel Joseph Dunton.

What is your classification? I am a sophomore and a psychology major (pre-pt track).

What is your relationship status? I have a gorgeous girlfriend of five years named Sarah Jones.

What is your favorite food? My favorite food is my moms, and only hers, spaghetti and meatballs!

What are your school activities? I play pretty much every intramural sports, I'm apart of the Student Admissions Team, I will be a PA next year, and I love to get hyped at the basketball games!

What are your hobbies?I love to watch and play every sport! You name it, I'll watch it. I also love to just sit and hang out with my pals and my girl. No one can beat me at Super Smash Bros! (No matter what my roommates say!) I also love meeting new people and gaining some new friends, so make sure you introduce yourselves!

Who is your role model?My role models is my sister and my brother, because they are so strong and committed to everything they do. They've not only helped me develop as an athlete, but also as a person. They are always kind, respectful, and courteous to everyone around them so I try to mirror their actions!

Do you have any pet peeves? My number one pet peeve is when people gossip. You better take that mess away from me! I CAN'T stand it! Just let people live their lives!

What is your favorite quote?My favorite quote is by Theodore Roosevelt and it is: "Believe you can and you are halfway there." What I think as long as you have faith in God and faith that you can accomplish something, you can.

What do you find most attractive in a girl? A sense of Humor is by far the number one most attractive thing to me. One reason Sarah and I are still together is because we laugh non-stop. Life is too short to take things too serious! People who laugh live longer lives! (Haha see what I did there?!)

What is the first quality you look for in a partner? The first quality I look for, besides a sense of humor, is kindness. If you have the heart to sit with someone whose by themselves or are just genuinely nice to everyone, I believe you'll catch a lot of people's eye.

What is your favorite Mercer memory? My favorite Mercer memory is WE BEAT DUKE! #lordhavemercer That game was the most fun sporting event I have ever witnessed.