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Four Ways to Spend Spring Break Without A Beach

Being a college student, the typical way to spend Spring Break is to head to the warm sand, salty water, and cool breeze at the beach. But in college, Spring Break isn’t even really in the spring. Didn’t people just have snow last week? Instead of packing up your swimsuit and sunscreen to head to a crowded beach full of boozy students, consider these options instead:

1. Volunteer Work



For all you students who are super-focused on your future, this is a great option for you. And it’s probably free! Your school might have an option where you can stay on campus and do volunteer work around your city. I know Mercer does; it’s called Spring Break for Service. Guess what? You’re about to graduate college in a few short years, and employers are going to put you in a different league of employees if they see that you spend your Spring Break helping people rather than ruining your liver.

2. Road Trip



Everybody has talked about it before, but most people never actually do it. Road trips are a great time to pack you, your friends, a few amazing cds, and a lot of junk in a car and have some serious bonding time. You get lost together, sleep in the car overnight together, see amazing things together, meet interesting people together, etc… Road trips can be expensive, but if you don’t eat out every day and sleep in the car rather than staying in hotels, you can cut a lot of expenses off the trip. Also, do NOT forget your camera. This is a trip you’ll remember for a lifetime!

3. Go Home


Since most people go away for Spring Break, you and your hometown buds can rule the town in their absence! Go visit parks, return to places where you have a lot of memories, eno by the stream that runs behind your old high school, and make new memories with the people you’ll never forget. Now is the time to reminisce and make the best of your hometown because we all have to grow up soon. And chances are, you will probably go somewhere else. *tear*

4. Senior Trip


Now, this is going to take some planning and some serious budgeting. Senior Trips are amazing because it’s the last hoo-rah before we grow up and become official adults. Most students plan these trips for the sweltering heat of July after college is finished, but shouldn’t we have jobs by then? Go ahead and plan your trip for your last Spring Break when the weather is optimal, travel is cheaper, and the crowds are smaller. Splurge and plan a trip somewhere exotic and foreign. Just make sure to do your research before you go! You should know what’s happening in the country (politics and economy), how the culture is (Is bartering okay? How should you dress?), and about the health in the region (What vaccines should you get, if any? Any medicines you should take?).

Personally, the overcrowded beach is not my scene, but to each their own! These other options range from completely free to super expensive. You should decide what to do based on your preferences, and definitely take this week to rejuvenate yourself and make awesome memories!

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