Fall TV Shows You Don't Want to Miss

Take a break from studying and watch a few of these shows. The fall season has plenty of series that are just beginning.

The Walking Dead

Season 5 Premiers Oct 12

AMC Channel 66

"Disgusting — but in a good way." -Newsday

Ever wonder what the world would be like post zombie apocalypse? The walking dead offers a view of the post-apocalyptic world through the eyes of a diverse group of survivors. The characters struggle with not only survival, but keeping their humanity in a world where they must kill or be killed.


Season 10 Premiers Oct 7

CW Channel 3

Follow the adventures of two brothers as they travel around the country fighting supernatural forces. They follow in the footsteps of their father and protect America from the evil spirits and creatures.

Shark Tank

Season 6 Premiers Sept 26

ABC Channel 13

"Brisk, sharp and surprisingly emotional for what essentially is a series of venture-capital-investment interviews, the show--based on the Japanese format "Dragons' Den"--balances the human element of its wish-fulfilling conceit with at least the illusion of the business legitimacy that made Burnett's "The Apprentice" such campy fun." -The Hollywood Reporter

Are dramas, romances, and comedies just not your thing? Shark Tank may be the perfect show for you. Watch as entrepreneurs and inventors pitch their sometimes-hilarious-sometimes-brilliant business plans to a panel of rich investors. If their ideas are good enough and the prices are just right, they get the chance to partner with one or more of the sharks. The sharks will then help turn their dreams into realities.


Season 4 Premiers Sept 25

ABC Channel 13

"It's still a fun, fast ride, with lots of twists and turns, murder and menace, and after only a few episodes we know enough back story about most of the main characters to care what happens to them." -Wall Street Journal

Drama, politics, romance, and scandal? This show has it all. The story unfolds as the president has an affair with the owner of a crisis management firm. Olivia, the owner of the firm, struggles to leave the past behind her and continue to make Washington’s politicians look good.

Once Upon a Time

Season 4 Premiers Sept 28

ABC Channel 13

"Once Upon a Time is a smartly-crafted reward for fans of light fantasy, with the right mix of cleverness, action and romance." -Washington Post

In the town of Storybrook, characters from fairytales find themselves stuck on earth. It is up to an orphan, Emma, to save them from villains and dark magic. They struggle to balance their previous lives in a magical land with their current lives on earth.


Season 7 Premiers Sept 29

ABC Channel 13

What could be better than a show that has the romance of a writer and the mystery of a detective? Richard Castle is a writer that spends time hanging out at the New York Police Department. At first, he is seen as distracting, but over time his wild imagination and knack for creativity prove helpful. He assists Detective Kate Beckett in solving various crimes around New York.

The Big Bang Theory

Season 8 Premiers Sept 22

CBS Channel 4

Want to watch something funny during a study break to take your mind off midterms? The Big Bang Theory is the perfect show for that. Four nerdy scientists struggle with everyday problems such as talking to girls, crashing the mars rover, driving, dressing up for comicon, and keeping up on the latest scientist gossip. Their witty comments and constant sarcasm keep even the most boring days entertaining.