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Costumes to DIY For Halloween

With All Hallows Eve’ being just around the corner, if you haven’t already gotten or made a costume, the clock is ticking away! Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered with some of the easiest (and cutest) DIY costumes we could find. Whether you are out haunting by yourself, or with your ghoul-friend, or group, there is bound to be something here to bewitch you. 

If you are more of a Christmas fan than Halloween, my personal favorite is this adorable “leg lamp” costume inspired by the movie, “A Christmas Story.”


If you want something a little easier to find, this basic black off-the-shoulder top with leather pants makes the easiest Sandy from Grease! Plus, with Halloween bringing cooler temperatures, it may be better to have long pants and a shirt rather than a cami and skirt.


Bringing back another older movie that every college girl loves and cherishes (at least I do), is this easy Mia Thermopolis costume that gets you pretty close to royalty.


If that isn’t close enough to royalty for you, this last individual costume may take the crown… if there are heads left to crown! The Queen of Hearts may give you the power to run around yelling, “off with their heads!” but what I really love is that amazing collar! However, it does require a little more creativity and effort, but it is totally worth it. Especially if you love Disney. Bonus: it celebrates Mercer’s homecoming theme as well! 


Although these costumes are amazing to wear by yourself, having matching costumes with your best ghoul-friend makes it so much better!

This first costume you could do by yourself, but what fun would that be? I always thought Victoria’s Secret bags were adorable and wanted to find something to use them for, and now I can!


After filling yourself with candy, you may need a dose of some vitamins. What better way to do that than through fruit? Okay, never would I have ever thought that dressing as a fruit could be cute, but these girls have proved me wrong. Everyone is going to want to be a strawberry or pineapple now!


If you have more that two people, there are plenty of other fruits to dress up as. However, there are also some not as healthy treats to easily make into a costume. Get a group of girls or guys together and each of you can pick your favorite candy… and poof! Perfect Halloween costumes!


Another easy DIY last minute costume is social media! I’m sure they would be Instagram worthy.



So all of these costumes have been more creative than I could ever dream of being, but this last one is [jaw]some. 


We hope these amazing DIY costumes are easy enough to meet the deadline for Halloween.

Let us know what your favorite costumes are, and post a picture on our Facebook page. We would love to see all your creative ideas!

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