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The Best in Business: Mercer’s Business Week 2015

Every year, the Alpha Tau chapter of Delta Sigma Pi hosts Mercer University’s Business Week. During the week, Delta Sigma Pi offers a variety of events for students of all majors. These events range from fun game nights to seminars that will help you learn how to succeed in your field.

Etiquette Dinner

Tuesday, March 24

7:00 pm

Field House

In all fields and career paths, proper dinner etiquette is essential. At this event, you will have the chance to learn proper business and dinner etiquette. After the informational session, you can put your new skills to use at a networking dinner. Professionals from the Middle Georgia area will join you for dinner. Professional dress is recommended. If you aren’t sure what would be considered professional, check out the Mercer HerCampus page to read the article on how to dress professionally.


We are no Showgirls

Wednesday, March 25

10:00 am

Stetson 251

Inequality in the workplace has been a real problem for career women. Come to this event and hear the stories of successful women who have overcome these obstacles and broken the glass ceiling. The speakers will include the following ladies:

Josephine Bennett—Georgia Public Broadcasting; Broadcast Journalism

Amy Maley—Financial Adviser, Merrill Lynch; finance and accounting

Brigitte Moten—Macon Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors; Human Relations and Marketing

Jessica Marrufo—Mercer University Student, DSP Business Week Chair; Management and Engineering


Handle Your Winnings

Thursday, March 26

4:00 pm

Stetson 265

College is a time when you should begin planning your future financially. Do you know how stocks and bonds work? Do you know how to achieve financial security? What is the best option for you? At this event, learn how to invest your money wisely and make a profit.


Playing in the Big Leagues

Thursday, March 26

7:00 pm

Stetson 265

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at sporting events? Find out what goes into making large scale sporting events possible. From budgeting to marketing, learn how these events happen.


Casino Night

Friday, March 27

5:00 pm

CSC Conference Room 1

Join Delta Sigma Pi for a fun night of card game and prizes.


If you are not able to attend all the events, there is no need to worry. We will provide a summary from the events on HerCampus Mercer. Check our page during the week to get the information you missed.

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