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Bearstock: A Day in the Sun

For those of you who are new to Bearstock, it is an all day, free, family friendly, outdoor concert featuring 10 day bands and 2 headliners. Check out our main page later this week for background on the bands. As a two year veteran of this fantastic event I have a few recommendations as far as style and clothing choice go:

1. Always bring the sunnies. The sun is out and shinning making sunglasses a must!

2. Wear shorts and forget the skirts. Whether you are simply walking around or head banding in the mosh pit to the bands, this is generally a really bad idea. Jumpers are really cute way to still wear a “skirt” but get away with the safety of pants.

3. Bring a small over the shoulder purse. Like all outdoor, open concerts there are safety concerns and a big purse only gets in the way. So pack lightly with the basics, like sunscreen and chapstick.

4. Open or Close Toe shoes is the question and closed should really be the answer. Unless you are simply hanging around the back of the concert or just chilling in the day you are going to want close toed shoes. I have had more than my fair share of run ins with as sandals on and well…it’s not fun.

Olivia is a Business Major at Mercer University, pursuing a degree in Management and a minor in Marketing. With love for the arts she aspire to someday open her own bakery and non-profit organization for the arts. With a passion for all thing in life she hopes to spread the joy of community and creativity.
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