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5 Ways to Select Your March Madness Bracket

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Mercer chapter.

The month is March, and it is time to select your bracket for March Madness! Basketball, boys, and you should have a blast, collegiettes! However, how do you pick which teams to place in the bracket? Here are five ways to choose the teams to win a 1 in gazillion chance with your bracket.

1. ColorsSome teams have fun colors. There are so many fun colors to choose from! You can choose teams that have your favorite color to make sure that a team with that color wins the whole tournament. If you don’t have a favorite color, choose a team that corresponds with your nails or even the shirt you’re wearing. You can even make a game of it by playing the childhood favorite of I Spy! Just look up from your laptop and the first color you notice could match the color of the team you enter into your bracket.

2. MascotsMascots have some character and spunk to them. You can take a break from your studies and watch YouTube videos of these NCAA school’s mascot’s moves. Mascots are a great determinant of which schools should win the Madness of basketball in March! Try finding your favorite animal as a school’s mascot. There is even a mascot of an anteater! Check out the Shake it Off routine by some mascots below.

3. StatsAll the schools in the NCAA tournament have information on how they have played this season, and you can check them before you select the teams. If you are a person who likes to look at data, you can also check certain player’s stats from previous years. 

4. School NamesIt is highly unlikely that you will know all of the schools listed in the NCAA tournament, but you can choose the ones you know! For all the other schools, you can choose the ones that sound fun, remind you of your dog, or a favorite state of yours. Try making a rhyme out of all the schools you listed, and make a video for us if you do so.

5. Eeny Meeny Miney MoIf all else fails just use the age old-tricks of eeny meeny miney mo or coin toss. There is a one in two chance that your team will win! May the odds be ever in your favor.

You can make your bracket at http://www.ncaa.com/interactive-bracket/basketball-men/d1 until Thursday, March 19th at 12 pm. Comment below on which school you have chosen as the tourney winner!

Steffiny is a senior pursuing a B.A Accounting degree at Mercer University. In addition to being the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus, she is a Contributing Writer for Her Campus Mercer. Steffiny is very active at her campus. She is the Vice President of Alumni Relations for Delta Sigma Pi (the professional business fraternity), a Resident Assistant, and she works at the Academic Resource Center. Steffiny has many other talents, one of which is Indian dance choreography. If she could be anything in the world, she hopes to be a mermaid. Steffiny likes to travel, spend time with family and friends, listen to Disney songs (especially the Tarzan soundtrack), and play in the rain. This past summer she went to New Zealand for an accounting internship. After she graduates in May 2015, she will go to Thailand to teach English for nine months!