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19 Halloween Costumes On A Budget

Don’t have the time to prepare a proper costume? Are you a college student who doesn’t have the money to buy a proper costume? Are you just super lazy? No worries, here are 19 Halloween costumes on a budget, split into three categories to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Costumes that Require Some Preparation & Money

1. Minecraft: Reuse those old cardboard boxes and cut them into the appropriate shapes. Use paint, markers, or construction paper to make the pixelated squares. See how many cubes of cobblestone you can fit in your pocket.

2. Dobby: This costume involves ears that can easily made with a headband and construction paper. Dobby’s au couture sackcloth dress can be made from a pillowcase, or if you’re taller, a bed sheet.

3. Greek Goddess: Toga party or Halloween? This costume is good for both. Just use a bed sheet of your choosing, add a gold belt, and wear gold accessories. Grab your sword and dip it in the blood of your enemies for extra effect. Have affairs with humans. You know, the whole nine yards.

4. Waldo: Get out your glasses, red striped shirt, and hat! Then find obscure places to hide.

And, of course there’s always sexy Waldo…

5. Scooby Doo and Friends: This is a great group costume idea. A lot of the items you could probably find in your closet, but Scooby’s costume might not be as easy if you don’t plan on replacing him with a stuffed animal. A brown hoodie and brown pants should suffice, with darker patches sewn or taped on depending on your motivation level. Don’t forget that blue collar.

6. Will Smith & Carlton Banks: For Will, head over to your local thrift store for some 90s attire, and on your way over, stop by a frat house for Carlton’s look.


Things From Your Closet

7. Meg Griffin: This costume is fairly easy; all that’s needed is a pink shirt, white tank top, jeans, glasses, and a pink beanie. Mila Kunis’ voice is optional.

8. Minnie Mouse: Throw on those ears and a black/red outfit of your choosing. Also keep in mind that almost everyone has those darn mouse ears from Disney World. So if you’re going to pursue being a giant talking, but cute rat this year, you might not be the only one.

9. Men in Black: Blazer? Check. Trousers? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Adorable talking pug that smokes cigars? …You might have to search around for that one.

10. Nerd: Get ready to enforce stereotypes by getting into your suspenders and taped non-prescription glasses. Bow tie and calculator are a must. Be on the look out for even more stereotype-enforcing jocks.

11. Jake from State Farm: One word. Khakis. Be ready to recite the commercial throughout the night.

12. Tina/Louise from Bob’s Burgers: Louise’s hooded ear hat might be hard to find, but the rest of her outfit along with Tina’s shouldn’t be too hard to put together. Just remember to properly capture Tina’s awesome sexual energy.

13. Orbit Girl: This costume is fairly simple, just wear all white and with a colorful scarf and headband. And don’t forget your gum, of course! Personally, I’d take the opportunity to walk around with a box of Orbit gum and throw packs at whoever cursed.


For Those Who are Lazy and Cheap

I don’t believe any of these need further explanations.

14. Error 404: Costume not found.

15. Ceiling Fan

16. Cereal Killer

17. Nudist on Strike

18. Emoji

19. Shia LeBouf

Hopefully these were helpful and provided you with a few laughs. Remember to have a safe Halloween and sometimes, the best costumes are the ones you put together yourself. 

Jaclyn Ramkissoon is an aspiring journalist. Her hobbies include not being tall enough to reach things, losing socks in the wash, petting stray dogs, and being able to quote Back To The Future on command. She's 90 lbs of pure pop-punk.
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