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Drinking straws Should No Longer Be an Option

Straws are the most unnecessary things that exist in this world. The only  place in which the usage of drinking straws is justified. are in hospitals. They can be used as an effective instrument, as many patients are forced to drink from them because they cannot absorb a big quantity of liquid. Nevertheless, the mass  production of straws for restaurants and bars is pathetic and unworthy. It is time for people to become conscious of the irreversible damages straws generate in the environment.


According to the Eco-Cycle Organization, who focuses on building zero waste communities, 500 million straws are used in the United States daily. When I first read this statistic, I asked myself how many times I contributed to this usage?  How many of those times did I not really need them but still asked for them? My mind does not understand why restaurants feel the need to include these plastic things, when, in today’s world, everything is available to drink from cups, cans or bottles. It is estimated that a restaurant discards 45,000 unused straws each year. This should make us question, why must we continue producing such a major number of straws  if they are just going to be thrown away unused?


If straws were made up of organic matters that broke down into carbon dioxide, methane, water or simple organic molecules, mass producing them the way we do would not be a problem..  Plastic straws are not biodegradable, which means that they remain as waste on earth forever. This does not only generate a demand of non-removable resources, but it also originates toxicity and environmental pollution; contributing to the increasing threat of climate change.


As if it could not get any worse, it is estimated that 90% of sea birds, whales, dolphins and some turtle species have ingested plastic, including straws, confusing them for food. This shows that drinking straws are not only dangerous for humans  because of the negative impacts that they have in the air, but it also puts helpless sea animals at risk.


We have to change this. As students, we should take action to save the animals and ourselves. If you are one of those people that enjoy are drinking liquids from straws, you have multiple options for reusable straws. There are glass, stainless steel or even straws made of bamboo. If you go to a restaurant and they offer you a straw,  just say no. We have a responsibility to this earth to stop the mentality that one straw is not that big of a deal. It only takes one for the demand to keep on increasing. Let’s fight this issue together and support organizations that are putting all their efforts to stop their production. We have the power to eliminate straws completely, and create a world where future generations never even have to use one   If someone offers you a plastic straw, remember to repeat the words The Last Plastic Straw organization promotes: “#NoStrawPlease”.


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