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It’s no surprise that fans are becoming more and more obsessed with Coachella over the years. This popular four-day music joy has become one of the most significant festivals in the world. From the aesthetically pleasing outfits to the insane performances, fans are able to get a sneak peek of their favourite artists’ performances and also stay up to date with all the tea that goes down during this festival. Coachella has everything you want and more. It’s safe to say that Coachella is becoming a cultural phenomenon – with people serving looks from the 60’s and 70’s and bringing the essence of hippie culture into modern day society. Read more to discover the chokehold that Coachella has on society and my review of all of the performances and outfits.

This year, Coachella 2023 took place over two weekends in mid April and featured an incredible lineup of performers, including Blackpink, Bad Bunny, Rosalia, Blink-182, Becky G and many more. With a line up that seemed too good to be true, we’d never felt more alive. Blackpink fans went absolutely crazy when finding out that their favourite K-pop girl band would be performing at one of the most popular music festivals of all time. It seemed to me that this year, Coachella was making a comeback and was definitely in its resurrection era after the 2 year hiatus from the COVID pandemic. Global superstar Bad Bunny served as a headliner for Coachella followed by Blackpink dominating headlines over the weekend. This insane lineup had fans on Twitter all over the world swooning over what songs their favourite artists were going to be performing and what they’d be wearing. In terms of pop culture, Coachella has had such a huge impact on stans all across the world as it has given them an opportunity to virtually connect with other stans to share their love and interests for their favourite artists. Several fans on Twitter have stated that they have met their internet best friends through Coachella and that Coachella brought them both together and connected them. That is what Coachella is all about: bringing fans together to celebrate the culture of music and the arts and spreading love about their favourite performers. Most importantly, however, Coachella is amazing at giving fans the opportunity to get creative and get inspired to create some of their favourite looks that they can show off at the festival all weekend long. 

TEA ALERT: Shawn Mendes was spotted at Coachella after a year hiatus of being totally MIA on social media and in real life. The 24 year old singer was seen kissing his former ex-girlfriend, Camila Cabello, during Bad Bunny’s performance and let me tell you, fans went WILD. The couple broke up in 2021 on “mutual terms” and since then, fans have been DYING for the two to get back together because well, we can’t deny that they make a pretty hot couple. So, it came as no surprise that when someone uploaded a picture of them kissing on Twitter, fans were quick to assume that the two may be back together again or taking things slow. That news pretty much dominated headlines for the weekend, seriously, I couldn’t open Twitter without someone mentioning the fact that the two lovebirds were all over each other that night. My inner 13 year old Shawn Mendes fan girl is freaking out (and kind of jealous) honestly. I hope they’re happy together though.

Now, can we take a second to talk about Blackpink’s performance? Cause they absolutely slayed their entire performance. #girlboss. I was waiting for them to perform when the second Coachella started and let me tell you, they did not disappoint. The second I watched their performance I got butterflies and couldn’t help but admire how pretty they all are because seriously, each member in the band is absolutely gorgeous. (I’m secretly jealous of their beauty, but who isn’t?) You already know I was screaming when Pink Venom and Boombayah came on. Not to mention, their performance was absolutely insane. Their synchronized drone display and the changing colours and costume changes from caterpillars, astronauts and other shapes was honestly one of the most creative performances I’ve seen to date. I know I’m going to be thinking about that performance a lot when I’m having my own little shower concert. 

FASHION: In my opinion, this year’s fashion game was great. The Coachella mainstage had no shortage of bold performance looks. Stars like Hailey Bieber, Lil Nas X, Shawn Mendes, Blackpink and so many other artists have been bringing their best fashion sense to the festival. Blackpink celebrated their girl group style with glitzy silver outfits (I guess the fashion memo this year was glitzy, bright and vibrant). Other performance outfits, including the band Blondie’s, coordinated disco ball outfits. Off stage, however many celebrities went the casual route and wore basic crop tops, tees and baggy jeans.

What are your thoughts on Coachella this year? Did you enjoy the lineup? Was it not what you expected? Were you expecting a lot more? A lot less? The vibes are different from this year compared to last year? Let me know. I’d love to hear your opinion.

Shanmitha Kumar

McMaster '24

Hello there bloggers! My name is Shanmitha and I'm so excited to be a writer for Her Campus this year. One of my hobbies is to read and write, especially journal. I enjoy writing as it is a form of self care for me. Writing has always been my creative outlet to escape to whenever I am stressed or overwhelmed. I like to note down my thoughts to fully understand my emotions and where I'm coming from as writing gives me a lot more clarity about my inner thoughts and allows me to come to terms with my emotions and find a solution in a rational manner. My goal as a writer for Her Campus is to write about issues that anyone may be facing in silence and help them overcome their struggles. Apart from writing, you can find me exploring new cafes, learning a dance routine, singing a cover of Taylor Swift and travelling. I am so looking forward to reading everyone's articles and join the team!!