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Prepare to be Pleased – Introducing Harry Styles’ New Life Brand

Legendary singer, songwriter, actor and fashion icon Harry Styles has now ventured into the beauty world to release his all-new gender-neutral “life” brand, Pleasing. After several months of whispers, cryptic social media posts, and teaser merchandise sightings, Styles finally announced the release on November 15th through his exclusive interview with Lynette Nylander for Dazed Magazine, featuring a promotional photo shoot by Rafael Pavarotti.

The Pleasing line includes four nail polishes, an illuminating serum, and a dual roller ball lip and eye serum, all ranging in price from $27 to $88 CAD. The pre-order has sold out within days of its initial release, but products will be available for pre-order again by November 28, 2021.

More and more, we see entertainers dip their feet into the multi-billion-dollar beauty industry and accumulate great success. But even upon first glance, we see that Styles’ Pleasing venture is greatly different from other celebrity brands. Pleasing rejects usual cosmetic tropes of concealment and instead places emphasis on the illumination of an individual’s natural beauty in a way that is inclusive to all. This message is especially apparent through Pleasing’s ad campaign which features models of various gender identities, ages and races – truly showcasing that there is no one demographic for Pleasing.

The tagline “we’re pleasing, never perfect” shows the brand’s conscientiousness of their effect on people and the planet and their diligent effort in “striving to do better each day.” In this effort, Pleasing delivers products that are cruelty-free, vegan, ethically sourced and supportive of non-profits. For its initial line, Pleasing has partnered with Nest, a non-profit organization that “supports the responsible growth and creative engagement of the artisan & maker economy to build a world of greater gender equity and economic inclusion.”

In its press release, Pleasing is notably described as a “life” brand, not of a beauty brand, whose mission is “to bring joyful experience and products that excite the senses and blow the boundaries.” This description intentionally leaves room for the brand to develop a range of products and fans are left to speculate what the future of Pleasing brings. With Styles great success in the music and film industry, and his continued commitment to inclusivity and mindfulness in his brand, we anticipate a bright future for the Pleasing brand.

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