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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McMaster chapter.

Hello star signs! Check below for a teaser of what destiny has in store for you. 


Do you feel deluded, Aries? Is deception and manipulation served as a side dish in your current relationship? We know you are confused and desperately wanting acts of your partner to meet your expectations. It is time that you set yourself free by simply seeing the truth. You are a wild spirit, and unafraid. Let hope guide you as you let go the idea of perfects you are trying to find in this connection. Accept your flaws and theirs.  


As contentment and security is yours, Taurus, it’s time you enjoy this relationship. While you forge a strong foundation for this relationship, cards suggest you stay gentle with your partner. You have tuned in with your instincts but will also need to keep your ego in check. Be objective when dealing with conflicts, because there might be no substance to it. Your partner could be sensitive to the issues you’re dealing with. Be mindful and intuitive. 


The Universe knows you are obsessed with your goals! Are you choosing to stay single to pursue your goals? Babe, you might want to rethink this, because the cards show there might be someone getting ready to swoop you off your feet. They could be good at communication and full of romantic ideas. We suggest you already start picking cute date outfits. 


An adventurer, a daredevil, or an athlete – who is your SO, Cancer? We know you are in an enthusiastic relationship dearie! As much as there is freedom, there’s a lack of commitment. But don’t worry, this fog of unclarity will drift away soon. This connection is divinely supported and blessed with creativity and encouragement. 


We get it, Leo, you wanted it to be perfect. You had the trajectory of your relationship planned and perfected. But isn’t it sprinkled with abundance, happiness, and security? Something to delve upon as you sip your morning tea. Cards tell you to treat your relationship like a sapling – nurture it, and be patient with it, for it will bear the sweetest fruit one day. 


A new romance is in the store for you, Virgo! A swoon-worthy connection, infused with passion, excitement, and respect. Be mindful and judge carefully between the spark of lust and the fire of love. This person might be quite an artist; one who does things like read you poems. Travel is on the cards for you! There could be little confusion and difference in opinion as well, but you can handle it gracefully! For the coupled Virgos, congratulations! Get ready to celebrate love as you move your relationship to another level! 


There is a sense of unsatisfaction, boredom or unclarity in your love life right now. Maybe you feel neglected and a sense of grief. But it is okay, dearie. It’s time you shed that emotional baggage and move forward with your head held high. Cards reveal, you are a very wise soul, and that does not mean you cannot ask for help. 


Things will work out like you want them to. As the Universe works on your Destiny, it seems like you have borrowed the God Complex from the Leo. We love this bossy lover who is ready to put efforts into the relationship. Remember that you are a thousand times enough and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 


Let the bygones be bygones. Do you want to keep repairing the damage or look forward? Think about it as you go for a morning walk. Remember, there is always going to be light at end of the tunnel, and that light is you. Fickleness and flirtatiousness might lace your experiences, so judge better. Some might woo you with material things, but are they genuine? Do they see you? 


We know there’s loyalty, and compassion in this relationship. But you seek more, and that’s stopping you from commitment. Be upfront with them regarding the balance you seek, and the boundaries you want to set. Calmy weigh all the pros and cons, for this connection could take any turn! 


There is a fine line between solitude and loneliness, Aquarius. It is time to shed that hermit crab attitude and to be the best and boldest version of yourself! The Divine Spirit asks you to tune into your spiritual feminine energy, laced with sensuality and intuition. It’s highly possible there’s a one-of-a-kind romantic relationship on the cards for you – the kind that might put all those fictive lovers to shame. For those already taken, you have a muse in your partner – make love to the muse and you shall be creatively inspired ;) 


Slow and steady wins the race, Pisces! You feel things are not moving as fast as you expected but you keep taking small steps. There is conflict in this relationship, but nothing that communication cannot solve. You will find a middle ground with them. Express your love and care for them, as you bring the positive feelings back in.

Kumkum Singh

McMaster '25

Kumkum is a third-year student at McMaster University. She was the Editor-in-Chief and a Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at McMaster. She worked with a team of more than 75 women and even published a couple editorials during her term there. She loves to read books and cooks well. If not lazing in bed, you'll find her in a library corner where Instagram aesthetic sunlight falls.