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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McMaster chapter.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all? It’s definitely not that Mr. Darcy lookalike from your Anthropology class you’ve developed a crush on. Crushes are a weird phenomenon. They happen to pierce into your peaceful existence and crush your pretty heart — literally. I also know I’m not the only one who stalks their crush on social media. Some of us do it to get to know our crushes better, while others do it to get over theirs. I throw myself into a venture to discover more about my crush because of the latter reason. I believe my brain is wired for not sparing two thoughts on another person (who’s not my bestie, obviously). However, if once in a blue moon I do start thinking about someone romantically, then I find myself compelled to find anything about them that will deter me from liking them. Social media is my go-to for that because it gives you an insight into the kind of person your crush is. What if I gather that they already have a partner, or that they prefer pineapple on their pizza (seriously, ew)? In a scenario like this, my crush on a person is destined to go away. But what would one do in a situation when their crush is unstalkable

By unstalkable I mean that your crush has no social media footprint. Do they have an Instagram account? No. Perhaps, Facebook? Nope. Not even a LinkedIn page? Nada! It definitely doesn’t help that the lack of information brews an air of mystery around your crush and pushes you even further into their not-so-eager arms. Eventually, curiosity kills the cat and all you want to do is know more about your person. You look at them with rose-colored glasses and romanticize each heated glance you’ve ever shared with them. But not anymore! I, in all my generosity, have curated this article for those who do not like having a crush. Listed below are some ways to get over your mysterious and unstalkable crush, without the help of social media. 

talk to Them

As cliché as this tip sounds, it works like a charm. Give it three minutes tops, and before you know it, your rose-tinted glasses will be pulled down like they were never there. The version of them you have created in your head will clash with who they actually are. This advice is a tried and tested one. I did talk to my crush, and it took me microseconds to get over them. Talking to your crush will let you notice things beyond what social media has to offer. From picking on their communication style to their sense of humor, getting over your crush will be easier than ever. 

Manufacture A new crush by reading some books

This is the quickest and the most entertaining way to get over your mysterious crush. If you’re starting to develop a crush on someone, pick up a dark romance novel and your standards will skyrocket, just a couple of chapters in. For me, books featuring men written by women (wink, wink Azriel) give me a reality check about what I deserve, and that I shouldn’t lower my standards at any cost. 

Throw yourself into schoolwork because you need that degree

Umm, hello? Those assignments are not going to get themselves done. Stomp on those rose-tinted glasses and catch up on those recorded lectures. Remember when Blair Waldorf said, “Keep your eyes on the prize…”? It is time for you to focus on getting that degree and stop obsessing over someone who couldn’t give you the time of day.

Write about it

I think the best way to come to terms with your feelings about someone is to write about them. Trust me, I just did it. Having a crush might make your life feel exciting for a short span but it’s also easy for one to feel rejected or inadequate if the feelings remain unreciprocated. Wording down your feelings can help you understand if you actually like that mysterious person or if you were just seeking a puzzle to solve. 

I hope these tips listed above help you get over your crush, and if they don’t, call your best friend because that will do the job for you. It’s because the people who love you know what you deserve. You know what you deserve, and if walking away from something — like a crush — helps you bring back the focus to yourself. Then by all means, do it. Remember, what is meant for you, is meant to find you. 

Kumkum Singh

McMaster '25

Kumkum is a third-year student at McMaster University. She was the Editor-in-Chief and a Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at McMaster. She worked with a team of more than 75 women and even published a couple editorials during her term there. She loves to read books and cooks well. If not lazing in bed, you'll find her in a library corner where Instagram aesthetic sunlight falls.