A Guide to Shopping from Black-Owned Brands

Online shopping but make it diverse. In honor of Black History Month, participate in supporting unique and innovative ventures all owned by black men and women. Whether you are a style or makeup enthusiast, or a tea fanatic, this guide to shopping black owned brands has got it all. 

  1. 1. Brandon Blackwood

    Beginning with Brandon Blackwood, this New York City-based designer’s legacy in the world of fashion met with a huge break in 2020. The launch of Brandon Blackwood’s vision: a bag with the statement, “End Systemic Racism”, took the world by surprise. This timeless bag created by the visionary is a perfect example of speaking out in support of mass movements through the world of fashion. Brandon’s brand is also known to create other extremely cute totes, bags, and accessories from ethically sourced materials and fair trade craftsmen worldwide. 

  2. 2. Telfar Shopping Bag

    Famously termed as 2020’s ‘Millennial Birkin,’ this popular bag is one for all the handbag fiends. The versatile tote comes in unique colors ranging in three different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. From pastel blue to oxblood red, Telfar’s bags are known to sell out within minutes of their launch! To catch the exclusive drops and restocks, Telfar’s Instagram page features all you need to know about a new bag drop. Keep your notifications turned on!

  3. 3. Bless Naturels

    These Montreal-based natural AND vegan skincare products promote the use of authentic ingredients sourced from different countries. From their natural stick deodorants to their exfoliating scrubs and oils, Bless Naturels provides the most detailed description of the ingredients used in every product. A must try skincare brand that should be on everyone’s wish list this season!

  4. 4. Nautana Co.

    Diving into more self-care indulgence, Nautana is a black family-owned environmental wellness brand that promotes self-care and ensures their ingredients are eco-friendly and sourced in a sustainable manner. Nautana’s eco-friendly coco-soy candles are hand-poured and made in Toronto! Their signature candle smells like Vanilla + Lavender and Mango + Lemongrass seek to connect people with nature and the natural ingredients used in the making of the candles. Heard enough? Get your hands on these unique smelling and elegantly packaged candles made with love!

  5. 5. Ann & Eli Apothecary 

    Made a 2021 Resolution to be more health conscious? Look no further than this Montreal-based wellness brand that provides natural, organic, and handcrafted herbal teas and products that support women’s health and well-being. Andrea Bomo, the founder, began by creating herbal teas in her kitchen and progressed to sharing the word about the healing power of herbs for women. With organic blends including Moringa herbal tea, immunitea and even a fertility cleanse blend, her diverse array of detox teas has been featured in Vogue. From period pain to postpartum - this apothecary brand has got you covered!

From vegan designer bags to rich scented coco candles and unique herbal blends - this guide is sure to give you a bang for your buck, all while supporting black-owned businesses!