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Four Sustainable Clothing Brands Your Wardrobe and the Earth Will Love

Sustainability has recently become a buzzword that is shifting the way people think and live. Today, just as individuals are becoming more aware of the food they’re consuming, they’re also shifting their companies toward more sustainable and ethical practices. In particular, the fashion industry has seen major transformations in the way clothes and accessories are being produced, distributed and marketed. They’re truly inspiring and motivating others to make a difference!

You make ask, what is sustainable fashion? According to Green Strategy, sustainable fashion is defined as, “clothing, shoes and accessories that are manufactured, marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible, taking into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects.” As consumers, we need to make an effort to support sustainable companies and fashion brands to continue their progressive future. It takes a team to make a positive difference within our world, and this change can start by shifting our purchasing decisions! 

Unsure of which brands to support? We’ve created a versatile list of fashion brands that are amazing quality and sustainable! 


1. Ayla Swim 

Summer is approaching fast, and Ayla Swim is ready to transform your bathing suit collection! Each of their collections have their own unique environmentally friendly form of production. From biodegradable fabric, to using old fishing nets and plastics as regenerated nylon, to using a process that has saved 6 million gallons of gasoline each year, their creativity is immaculate. Ayla Swim is becoming a game changer within the bathing suit industry!


2. Tentree

This multipurpose company is perfect for those who are seeking athletic leisure wear. While they’re committed to finding the most suitable fibres and materials available, Tentree has taken an additional step by planting 10 trees for each purchase. Currently, they have planted over 50 million trees, which has aided in the removal of millions of tonnes of CO2 and has even brought an entire community out of poverty. They are truly making an impact for both the human race and the environment. 


3. Levi’s 

This well-known brand is proving that jean manufacturing can be sustainable and efficient. Since 2011, Levi’s has been working with their Water<Less technology campaign, with a sole goal to use more recycled material and better technology that will reduce their water intake. During this time, they have saved enough water to fill 12 Olympic size pools and have noticed a great reduction in their waste. They have truly confirmed that good quality and long-lasting jeans can be environmentally friendly! 


4. Able

Jewelry, shoes and bags are an essential accessory for your wardrobe, and Able has the perfect product for every minimalist lover! Using scrap metal, recycled materials and avoiding harsh chemicals and wasted water, this company has immensely reduced their carbon footprint. Their most recent goal is to make their packaging 100% recyclable by the end of 2021, a target all companies and industries should pursue in order to make a change.


Whether you love fashion or not, our purchasing habits influence our future. By supporting one or even two businesses, you are making a difference within our world. Start your sustainable clothing journey today and educate others about how they can reduce their carbon footprint! 

Chelsea Ogden

McMaster '23

Chelsea is currently a third year student at McMaster University, majoring in communication studies. She is passionate about writing and looks forward to pursuing her goal of working in the news and entertainment industry. HerCampus has provided her with the opportunity to have a creative outlet and to gain experience as a writer.
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