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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McMaster chapter.

Listening to podcasts is my preferred method of keeping up with current events to stay politically and socially informed. But with a vast collection of American-centred sources dominating our feeds, it can be difficult to locate trustworthy Canadian sources that can both inform and entertain listeners.

Front Burner (CBC)

Front Burner is a daily podcast with episodes ranging from 20-40 minutes. Host and investigative journalist Jayme Poisson covers more than just Canadian news items, and instead diligently frames each episode to reflect on Canada’s response to the items, as well as their impact on Canadian listeners. This is the perfect catch-all podcast as it covers all the most important and relevant current events that one would come across on a news app, but with the added benefit of neatly collecting varied perspectives into a single episode.

Sandy and Nora Talk Politics (Acast)

Sandy Hudson and Nora Leto’s Sandy and Nora Talk Politics is a weekly podcast featuring 30-50 minute episodes. While the hosts share leftist stances, it is nonetheless valuable to hear information about current events from two different perspectives. This is especially the case when the hosts disagree on topics, at which point listeners experience a deep dive into a topic from two politely contrasting opinions. Listening to Sandy and Nora is comfortable because, at its heart, the podcast is a collection of conversations between learned colleagues/friends that offers nuanced takes that one can only experience in day-to-day conversations. The podcast is equal parts informative, refreshing, and entertaining.

Woke or whateva

Woke or Whateva is a groundbreaking podcast held by Titi and Beck, two Black female activists based out of Montréal, QC. Monthly-ish episodes are presented in Franglais, which makes the podcast highly accessible to English and French speakers, and uniquely for those who remember bits and pieces of their French immersion education. The show strives to “read, analyze, deconstruct concepts of race,” which intersect with the oppressive systems of power, gender, politics, and more. The episodes are 1-2 hours long.

Our native land (CHEK)

Our Native Land is a weekly podcast hosted by Tchadas Leo that analyzes all things Indigenous. Episodes are usually 20 minutes, with occasional special episodes running over one hour. While the podcast is based out of the colonial borders of Victoria, BC, the host invites guests from a variety of Indigenous nations and locations across the continent. This diversity in conversation provides compelling discussions about current Indigenous topics. The podcast is valuable for Indigenous and settler listeners decolonizing their news feed, to seek more news written and presented by Indigenous knowledge-sharers.

This Matters (Toronto star)

This Matters is a daily Toronto, ON-based podcast with episodes at a manageable 15-20 minute length. Hosts Saba Eitizaz and Raju Mudhar summarize current events occurring in Canada and internationally, with a perspective rooted in Ontario politics. Each episode features a special guest who is an expert in the relevant field; guests range from frontline doctors, professors, reporters, and more. Even when the podcast goes on a break for holidays, they upload rebroadcasts or bonus episodes to keep listeners informed and entertained every weekday.

Mayson is a third-year McMaster student majoring in Indigenous Studies and English & Cultural Studies. She loves writing, making playlists, reading, and walking her cat. Whenever she's back in her hometown, Mayson takes her deaf cat Holiday on daily walks outside!